Cara Delevingne credits girlfriend Leah Mason for finally allowing her to feel ‘happy and comfortable’

Cara Delevingne attending Wimbledon with girlfriend Minke aka Leah Mason.

After checking into rehab at the end of last year, Cara Delevingne has opened up about how her girlfriend has supported her sobriety.

As fans gear up for her hotly anticipated appearance in Ryan Murphy’s next instalment of American Horror Story, model and actress Delevingne is now nine months sober and smitten with girlfriend Leah Mason, aka musician Minke.

In a rare interview for the September issue of Elle, Delevingne spoke about how she found happiness with Mason, who she credits for properly introducing her to the queer community and culture.

“My girlfriend has been really wonderful in introducing me to a lot of things and people,” she said.

The pair originally met 20 years ago at boarding school, but only reconnected in 2022 at an Alanis Morissette concert before they eventually started dating.

Cara Delevingne.
Cara Delevingne has found happiness with Leah Mason, who she first met at school. (Arturo Holmes/Getty)

Delevingne also praised Mason for her support during her efforts to become sober, adding that the singer is one of the main reasons that this year is the best she’s ever had.

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“Being with my girlfriend, in this relationship, there are just so many things that came at once that have made me so happy and comfortable with who I am,” she said. The pair attended LA Pride together, during which Mason did a “fantastic” drum solo with a pair of dildos.

Although Delevingne has struggled to embrace her queerness, she’s well aware of the importance of representation, being someone who didn’t have much growing up.

“[I had tennis star] Billie Jean King, but not until I was older. And Elton and George Michael. And men who pushed the gender boundary like David Bowie and Prince, but not women,” she recalled.

“[Representation is important] especially for young people, who feel like they’re alone, to see people who are like them, and to see anyone in the umbrella of the LGBTQIA+ flag. It’s all family.”

Delevingne also spoke about her experience attending the 12-steps Alcoholics Anonymous programme, which she admitted hadn’t been easy.

“There have never been moments when I’m like, ‘This isn’t worth it’,” she said. “It’s been worth every second. I just don’t know what it would take for me to give it up.

“I am stable. I’m calmer. [I’ve learned that] I’m resilient as hell, that anything is possible. I used to say that and not believe it. Now I really believe it.”

The Carnival Row star also said she had at last made peace with being in the spotlight after a life time of “hiding a lot from the people who looked up to me…I finally feel as though I can be free and myself, fully.”

Delevingne, who came out as pansexual in 2018, is keeping her optimistic outlook amid the rollout of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation by both right-wing US politicians and the UK government.

“Now more than ever, in England and in the US, it’s a scary time for queer people,” she said. “But the more that we’re met with fear, the more joy we have to bring.

“No one can take that joy away, no matter what. We’re not going anywhere.”

Delevingne can next be seen opposite Shailene Woodley and Noémi Merlant in biopic The Murderous Miss Highsmith.

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