Cara Delevingne gags fans on set for American Horror Story season 12: ‘Slay of the century’

Pictures and footage of Cara Delevingne in the latest season of American Horror Story has left fans drooling for the new series to start.

Anthology series American Horror Stories has always hovered over the beating heart of pop-culture, if not for its story then for its cast. Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga and Emma Roberts have all passed through the Ryan Murphy-created show – with alpha-influencer Kim Kardashian recently announced for the upcoming twelfth season.

It’s also – always – been for the gays. AHS: NYC featured musical theatre juggernaut Patti LuPone singing to a bathhouse full of gay men “giving and taking it”, as well as a serial killer called Big Daddy. AHS: Roanoke starred drag titan Trixie Mattel, while AHS: Cult saw Evan Peters ummm, we’ll just say pleasuring himself, while making direct and purposeful eye contact with hunk Colton Haynes.

And now we have model, actress and pansexual legend Cara Delevingne.

The new images show her in a black wig, wearing a blazer and skirt, paired with red sunglasses, leather gloves and platform boots. Sickening, no?

Although not much is given away in the photos of Delevingne, not even her character’s name, the video (posted to TikTok account @splashnewsofficial) shows her smoking and appearing to inspect something on the ground before striding out of shot.

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Of course, fans of American Horror Story and Cara Delevingne have been sent into a tailspin by the footage.

“Hold the damn phone this season might be the most iconic of recent memory,” one wrote.

Another added: OMG, it’s about to be so good”, while a third had a guess at the theme of the still-unnamed series: “Wait, could this season be about fashion? I might actually watch. They have piqued my attention for sure.”

Elsewhere in the American Horror Story universe, Kardashian was said to have been given a “terrifying” role – written especially for her.

The series will be partially based on best-selling horror novelist Danielle Valentine’s upcoming book, Delicate Condition – billed as a feminist update to the classic Rosemary’s Baby.

It will follow a woman who becomes increasingly paranoid that a mysterious figure is trying to prevent her from becoming pregnant. And when she finally is carrying a child, no one believes her when she is convinced something disturbing is growing inside her.

Season 12 of the FX series, due to air this summer, will be written by actor and playwright Halley Feiffer.