Gender-critical activist makes vile comments about death of trans person at anti-trans rally

A gender-critical activist has been filmed saying it was a shame that a trans person getting gender-affirming surgery did not die while on the operating table. 

The speaker, who said her name was Louise, attended an anti-trans “Speakers’ Corner”-style event in the city of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, on Sunday (17 September). 

The event was organised by the Women’s Action Group, which was formed in 2019 to challenge “the ongoing erosion of women’s rights” in Australia.

A number of women made speeches in front of green-and-purple-coloured signs which read “Men will never be women” and “Stop allowing males to access our woman-only spaces.” 

Footage of the event indicates that only a handful of people turned up, while the video has garnered 134 views, as of Monday (18 September). 

During her speech, Louise said she “heard of a man who was 70 or something and got a sex-change operation”. 

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She went on: “Give me a break, what a shame he didn’t die on the table.” 

The comment elicited gasps from other campaigners in the crowd. 

Warning: The following video contains language that some people may find upsetting.

In response, she mockingly asked: “Can I say that?” Quickly backtracking, she laughed: “I don’t want anyone to die.

“It’s too bizarre,” she continued, “first of all, why are you doing [this] and next why are you forcing us to agree? There are so many of us who don’t agree.”

Louise, who said she lived in Ballarat and is a lesbian, recounted wanting to join in with the local Pride group but felt she was made out to be a “toxic” figure because she sought trans-exclusionary spaces. 

She then went on to label transgender people and trans allies as believing a “delusion” and using “stupid pronouns”, and questioned why drag queens read stories to children rather than jockeys, firemen or chefs, as well as calling out LGBTQ+-inclusive literature.