Big Brother’s Farida reacts to Hallie ‘gay partner’ controversy: ‘I was trying to educate myself’

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Farida, the first housemate to be evicted from ITV’s Big Brother reboot, has addressed the criticism she faced after asking trans housemate Hallie some sensitive questions about relationships.

On the third day in the house (10 October), 50-year-old make-up artist Farida asked 18-year-old youth worker Hallie – who came out as trans to the rest of the house in the previous episode – questions about her dating life.

“Hallie can I ask, who you have relationships with,” Farida began, “You know the men that are attracted to you – would they be classed as gay?”

Hallie answered the question concisely, telling Farida that she hasn’t had a relationship yet, but explained that “there’s men out there that will just see me as a woman, and just be with me as a woman”.


Big Brother evictee Farida Khalifa opens up about her discussion surrounding trans dating with housemate Hallie and the importance of educating yourself. #pinknews #bigbrother #faridakhalifa #hallieclarke

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While Hallie handled the questioning with grace, she later admitted to other housemates that she found it “frustrating”.

On social media, the show’s viewers were divided as to whether the questioning was inappropriate or genuinely inquisitive, while even Hallie’s mum shared her thoughts.

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Speaking to PinkNews following her elimination, Big Brother‘s Farida has now attempted to clear up the situation, explaining that she was trying to “educate” herself – and the British public.

“I was just asking a question that most people would have at the tip of their tongue but are scared to ask,” the evictee said. “Knowledge gives you power. It makes no difference. It’s her living her life and we need to respect that.

Big Brother UK contestants Farida and Hallie.
Farida and Hallie’s conversation has divided fans. (ITV)

“People need educating. It’s important. I was trying to educate myself with reference to Hallie, and educate the masses by openly asking a question, and some people were like: ‘Hmm, was that inappropriate?’

“So how are you supposed to educate yourself if you’re not open to answers?”

While Farida insisted that she “knew” Hallie was trans before she had revealed her gender identity to the house, she declared that she has no “issue” with trans people.

“I don’t focus on people, oh he’s LGBT, he’s gay, she’s a lesbian. For me, people are people. You do you, I do me, and just live a life of respect,” she said.

Big Brother housemate Hallie.
Hallie has opened up about her mum’s sacrifice. (ITV)

“I haven’t got an issue with it. That’s what we’re there for, it’s a social experiment to learn about each other. That’s what I’ve got in my head, and that’s why I was asking the questions that I did.”

Some fans are continuing to back TikTok makeup star Farida, insisting that she was only asking out of curiosity.

“Farida was just curious when she spoke to Hallie. She meant well,” wrote one person on TikTok.

“We need more people like Farida. She’s an example of how different people can live together in positive and meaningful ways,” added another.

Big Brother UK continues on ITV2 every Sunday through to Friday.