Eminem’s genderfluid child Stevie confirms ‘first serious relationship’ after coming out

Eminem's child Stevie and partner (left) and Stevie's father Eminem (right).

Stevie Mathers, the 21-year-old child of US rapper Eminem, has revealed that they are in a “serious” relationship after coming out as genderfluid.

Stevie is the child of Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott, and was adopted by the 15-time Grammy-winning rapper in 2005 after he reconciled with Scott, following their 2001 divorce. The pair remarried in January 2006 and divorced again in April that year. Stevie’s biological father reportedly passed away in 2019.

Speaking with their sister and Eminem’s daughter, Hallie Jade Scott, on her podcast Just A Little Shady, Stevie shared that they have been in a relationship with a man for the past two years.

“My boyfriend, his name is Jase. He moved in with me like last year in December. It’s going really well. We’ve been together for like two years now,” Stevie said.

They explained that, before they moved in with Jase, the pair had been in a long distance relationship.

“It’s hard but I feel like if you really have a connection with someone it can work, especially if you make time for it to work,” Stevie said.

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“It’s a hard thing but it’s a lot easier and it’s worth it when you get to live together and actually experience those things. But yeah, it’s been really fun. It’s been a learning experience too. I’d say this is my first like serious relationship in my adult life.”

Hallie shared her approval for Stevie’s partner too, telling them: “I love who you’re dating.”

The cute couple have also gone Instagram official, with Stevie sharing photos of the two together on woodland walks, snuggled up in bed, and at a wedding. 

One selection of photos is captioned with the lyric by rock singer Gavin DeGraw, “‘cause you make my heart sing”.

Stevie came out as genderfluid in a powerful TikTok video back in 2021, in which they shared that they had changed their name, and gradually began to understand that they are comfortable with all pronouns.

Responding to one fan at the time who asked how they came to settle on the name Stevie, they responded that they had “spent a long time trying to pick a name” and “the first name [they] felt comfortable with is Stevie”.

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