The Crown’s top five most savage moments that’ll make you say ‘yass Queen’

Olivia Colman as the Queen standing on the steps of the palace with Prince Philip behind her, in a duck-egg blue pussy-bow and pillbox hat

The Crown season six is mere days away – well, the first four episodes, at least, with the final six set to air in December.

The sixth and final season of the royal drama will begin with events leading up to the shocking 1997 death of Princess Diana, and all of the repercussions and grief that followed.

And that’s not all: season six will also feature the 2005 wedding between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, plus we’ll also get to witness Prince William meeting Kate Middleton. One thing’s for sure, The Crown season six is going to be a wild ride.

To mark this momentous and royal occasion, we decided to look back on all of the times the fictional royals were some of the shadiest queens (and kings, and princes, and princesses) we’ve ever met. Some of the acerbic, cutting comments they make wouldn’t be out of place in RuPaul’s werkroom, in fact. Here are some of the best reads in The Crown so far.

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1. Prince Phillip throws shade at his sister-in-law Princess Margaret

Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret in The Crown
Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret in The Crown (Netflix)

In the season three episode ‘Cri De Coeur’, the Queen (Olivia Colman) and her husband Prince Phillip (Tobias Menzies) chat about Princess Margaret’s (Helena Bonham-Carter) marital problems over breakfast – her marriage to Antony Armstrong-Jones (Ben Daniels) is in the process of falling apart.

Well, the Queen tries to, at least, with Phillip talking over her repeatedly. When he finally realises who the topic of conversation is, he throws out a barbed comment, wondering aloud what her problem is this time. “Margaret? She’s run out of tonic? She’s been knocked up by one of the footmen?” Ouch. 

2. The Duke of Windsor gets a dressing down

When the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII (Alex Jennings), is told by courtier Tommy Lascelles (Pip Torrens) that he and his paramour Wallis Simpson (Lia Williams)- the American socialite the former king controversially abdicated to be with – won’t be invited to the Coronation, the Duke lashes out.

“You know, Tommy, you’re an embarrassment to the institution you serve, and to the country that institution serves in turn,” he snarls. Not the best idea, given Tommy’s gift for roasting people. Tommy replies: “And I will take a lecture on national embarrassment from many people, sir, but not from you.” Nice.

Tommy Lascelles is arguably the bitchiest person in the whole series. If you want more from him, above is a supercut of Tommy roasting people for 3:45 minutes straight.

3. Prince Phillip throws shade at his wife

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, wearing a red hat, red coat and with a short, curly brown hairstyle.
Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown, rocking a curly brown hairstyle (Netflix)

In season two’s ‘Marionettes’, Queen Liz (Claire Foy) decides to change her style and opts for a more practical, shorter hairdo, but Phillip (Matt Smith) shoots her down, saying: “I thought you were hoping for more children from me?”

When Elizabeth replies in the affirmative, Phillip follows up with: “then why on earth would you do something like that to your hair?” Savage.

4. The Queen expertly roasts Prince Charles

In the season four episode ‘War’, Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) approaches his mother with a litany of complaints about his marriage to Princess Diana, and the Queen (Olivia Colman) is absolutely not having it. At all.

“I have done my best and I am suffering,” claims Charles. “No you are not suffering,” she bites back. ‘We’re all suffering having to put up with this… (the public) know that you are a spoilt, immature man, endlessly complaining unnecessarily, married to a spoilt, immature woman, endlessly complaining unnecessarily. All anyone wants is for the pair of you to pull yourselves together, stop making spectacles of yourselves, and make this marriage and your enormously privileged positions in life work.”

You can watch the whole section here, it’s beautiful. Here’s hoping for a lot more Charles-roasting like this in The Crown season six.

5. Queen Elizabeth calls out Philip’s sexism

Prince Philip kneeling to Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in the Netflix Series The Crown
Yes, that’s right: kneel to your wife. (Netflix)

In The Crown season one, Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) spends almost the entire time that Elizabeth (Claire Foy) is preparing for her coronation bombarding her with complaints. For example, moaning that he’ll just have to “sit around and wait while you’re queening”, i.e. he’ll have to play second fiddle to a woman.

It all comes to a head when Phillip protests having to kneel to “his wife” during the coronation, asking: “are you my wife or my queen?” She snaps and responds: “I’m both, and a strong man would be able to kneel to both.” Yass, snaps for you queen.

When does The Crown season six start?

Part one of the sixth and final season of The Crown will premiere its on Netflix November 16, and part two will arrive December 14. Follow this link to sign up to Netflix.