Fans think Woah Vicky is being held hostage after she looks ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘fidgety’ in video

Model Woah Vicky’s fans have expressed concern for the star, after she appeared to be behaving strangely in a social media video. 

The model, rapper and influencer – who famously had a feud with Bhad Bhabie – shared a video of her at a basketball game. 

In the clip, she can be seen posing for the camera, cheering at the players and snapping pictures with fans. 

However, people in the comments were quick to point out that she looked “uncomfortable” and “so confused”. 

“Idk what it is about her, she might have ADHD or something she always seems off..,” one person wrote, “very fidgety , seems like forced behaviour,” one person wrote. 

“She moving like she’s ain’t supposed to be sitting there so she waiting to get caught by security,” another said. 

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“She looks like she has anxiety,” a third observed. 

Someone echoed those thoughts, writing: “not to be dramatic but does anyone else thinks she looks super uncomfortable/unnatural in this? 😭😭🥺”

Another fan questioned: “girl is someone holding you hostage” 

Woah Vicky rose to fame via social media, taking part in viral challenges and creating a range of different content across her TikTok, YouTube and Instagram accounts and even went on to release some music. 

She is not stranger to controversy and became the centre of the internet’s ire for using racial slurs in her videos and was accused of cultural appropriation and ‘blackfishing’, or pretending to be Black when she is not. 

More recently, she was noted making anti-LGBTQ+ comments and claimed people are only gay because they have been sexually abused. 

Most famously, she had on-going beef with Bhad Babie, although she recently told The Shade Room that the feud was not actually that deep to her: 

“It was clout from my end. I was at the crib laughing, making them video,” she said in an interview. Woah Vicky has 3.7million Instagram followers, nine million TikTok followers, and and 1.15million YouTube subscribers.