Gays Against Groomers fuming ChatGPT refused to write anti-trans statements


Hard-line right-wing group Gays Against Groomers (GAG) are livid that AI software program ChatGPT refused to write copy condemning gender-affirming healthcare for trans people.

The organisation, which claims to protect LGB people against the “sexualisation, indoctrination and medicalisation of children under the guise of ‘LGBTQIA+'” vented their frustration that chatbot refused instructions to air their anti-trans viewpoints.

When asked to write a social media post condemning gender-affirming care for minors, the AI model responded: “I’m sorry, but I cannot create content that promotes harm or goes against ethical principles, including discouraging gender-affirming care for minors.”

It then explained that gender-affirming care has statistically been shown to “improve the well-being of transgender and gender-diverse individuals“, adding: “If you have any non-controversial requests or questions, feel free to ask.”

After then asking it to write a post supporting gender-affirming care for minors, ChatGPT had no qualms about creating a positive message for trans under-18s.

GAG described the interaction as shameful, while saying it had “no problem” writing a post supporting trans children as though this was something of which to be ashamed.

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Despite how the group’s founder, Jaimee Michell, may use the term, gender-affirming care includes puberty blockers which are medically reversible and are only prescribed under medical supervision.

Some trans over-15s are allowed to start hormone replacement therapy with parental consent and under medical supervision. Transgender minors are not permitted to undergo gender-affirming surgery anywhere despite what GAG has claimed in the past.

GAG’s supporters shared their outrage in comments responding to the post, accusing artificial intelligence of being a “groomer” and calling its answers garbage.

Trans activists brought the virtual popcorn to the group’s outrage, with one saying: “You’re so close to getting it but… you’re too far gone.”

Aside from promoting conspiracies about gender-affirming care for under-18s, Michell has, in the past, also seemingly blamed trans healthcare for the Colorado Springs mass shooting in 2022 – which left five people dead and 19 others wounded.

Two days after the devastating incident at Club Q, Michell suggested during a Fox News interview that incidents like this would continue until the “evil agenda” of gender-affirming care is stopped.

“You know, saying that ‘groomer’ is an anti-LGBTQ+ slur, that is doing irreparable damage to us as a whole, and it’s putting a really large target on our backs,” she said. 

“And unfortunately, you know, the tragedy that happened in Colorado Springs the other night, it was expected and predictable.”

In June, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 23, was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, after pleading guilty to five counts of first-degree murder. He was also jailed for an extra 2,208 years after admitting 46 charges of attempted murder.