Jeffree Star shocks fans after being spotted holding machine gun weaponry

Jeffree Star looks at the camera wearing a pink straight wig, dark top and white necklace.

Make-up mogul and internet personality Jeffree Star has sent his fandom into a spiral after sharing a photo of himself holding a gun, alongside adult content creator Girthmaster.

In a photo shared on his X (formerly Twitter) profile, 38-year-old Star appeared to pose in the back of a pick-up truck alongside OnlyFans creator Girthmaster, with the pair both holding machine gun rifles.

The photo sent his fans into a frenzy for numerous reasons – the first being that they didn’t expect to see Jeffree Star and Girthmaster hanging out together.

“WHAAAAT, I could’ve NEVER see this coming,” exclaimed one gagged fan, while another added: “The crossover episode no one ever expected. I need more details now.”

Some fans went as far as to question whether there could be a make-up collaboration between Star and Girthmaster in the works, or whether Star would be giving him a makeover.

“The most unexpected but needed collab on the planet,” a third said. 

Others joked that Star could soon be setting up an OnlyFans of his own, while some were concerned about the TikToker promoting guns.

“What the world needs now is more rich white people with guns,” commented one social media user sarcastically.

Jeffree Star has never been afraid to show off his gun collection before. Last year, he got in hot water with fans after boasting about being given a custom pink pistol by firearms company, Beretta.

Some fans slammed him for promoting guns, considering they are the “number one killer of children in the USA”.

However, Star is used to a bit of online controversy. Earlier this year, he was heavily criticised online for stating that being non-binary is “bullsh*t”.

“I’m not into all the other bulls**t: the ‘they’ and ‘them’ and all that extra s**t we added during the pandemic, ‘cos everyone was so bored in their f**king houses,” he told Taylor Lewan on the NFL’s player’s podcast, Bussin With The Boys.

“That’s why the conservatives like me, because I’m just real. You’re not ‘they’ and ‘them’, you’re trans, you’re male or you’re female,” Star added.

“People get so mad when I say that… how are you a ‘they’? What the f**k does that mean?”