Drag Race UK eliminated queen on why she was ‘living for messy Vicki Vivacious drama’

Stills of Vicki Vivacious and RuPaul from Drag Race UK season 5.

Drag Race UK season five queen DeDeLicious has explained why she wasn’t upset about being called out by Vicki Vivacious, but was instead “living” for the drama.

In lThursday’s semi-final episode (23 November), DeDeLicious was eliminated in fourth place following the comedy roast, just missing out on making it to the final.

Yet before she was sent home following the Annie Lennox lip-sync against Tomara Thomas, the previously eliminated queens came back to say their peace.

In the werk room, the remaining queens asked Vicki Vivacious, who was eliminated in seventh place, who she was referring to in the lipstick message she left on the mirror.

Before she went home, Vicki had written: “Love most of ya.”

Vicki revealed that the message was about DeDeLicious, saying she “left a bad taste in [her] mouth” in episode one, and calling her “very sneaky” for the way she had treated fellow competitor, Alexis Saint-Pete.

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In episode one, DedeLicious said that she expected to be in the bottom against Alexis, with some of the other queens suggesting DeDe had got inside Alexis’s head.

Speaking to PinkNews following her elimination, DeDeLicious said she enjoyed being the centre of the drama, and clarified that her and Vicki have since sorted things out.

Drag Race UK queen DeDeLicious.
Drag Race UK star DeDeLicious after the drama with Vicki Vivacious. (BBC)

“We kind of thought it was Cara Melle that [Vicki] was talking about,” DeDe explained.

“I think when she started to speak, I was like, it’s gonna be about me. This is gonna be about me. I slowly turned my head to meet her in the eyes, and I just sat there, and did not blink and listened to all of that and – I kind of lived.

“It was messy and fun, although it was against me,” she added. “I had to snap out of it. So I was like: ‘Wait, no DeDe – this is about you. This is a drama that does involve you. Stop living for this!”

Following Vicki’s confrontation, DeDe was supported by top three queen Ginger Johnson, a move which DeDe says she will “never forget”.

However, despite the drama, she insists her and Vicki are now on good terms.

“It’s literally buried. It kind of got buried a little bit after it happened. They didn’t air it, but she did kind of apologise. I was like, ‘it’s fine, it’s chill, you said your tea’. We didn’t really talk after that, and then recently we reconnected,” DeDeLicious explained.

“It’s all good now, so no hate to Vicki. Don’t be a loser and send hate, because you’re a loser the minute you send hate.”

Drag Race UK season 5 star DeDeLicious.
Drag Race UK season 5 star DeDeLicious. (BBC)

While DeDeLicious was the undeniable lip-sync assassin of the season, winning three of the four lip-syncs she fought in, she did have the difficult job of sending fan favourites home – including Banksie, Kate Butch, and Vicki Vivacious.

It’s meant that she’s had to wade through a stream of trolling comments.

“It’s OK to be frustrated or have the opinion that I shouldn’t be there, that’s fine, but direct your love to the person who went home,” she explained.

“I didn’t sit there and tell her to go. I didn’t tell her to leave.

“It’s a competition at the end of the day and I’m not going to stand still. I’m going to perform and do my thing,” DeDeLicious added.

Thankfully, the positivity has far outweighed the hatred.

“Whenever there’s been a dodgy comment, my fans have always clapped back immediately. So if anything, that whole thing showed me how supported I was, which was lovely.

“If anything, it makes you more motivated to up your drag, to do better. So thank you for improving me.”

The RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season five finale will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Thursday 30 November.

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