Drag Race UK: Eliminated queen reveals how long Tomara Thomas and Cara Melle’s fight really lasted

Stills from Drag Race UK season 5 episode two showing Tomara Thomas and Cara Melle arguing.

The first eliminated queen of Drag Race UK season five, Alexis Saint-Pete, has spilt the tea on the furious fight between Cara Melle and Tomara Thomas, and revealed whether she’d be up for an All Stars comeback.

Alexis Saint-Pete, the first ever Polish queen on any season of the Drag Race franchise, became the first competitor to sashay away in Thursday’s episode (5 October).

It was a design challenge, and Alexis ended up in the bottom two alongside Doncaster queen Miss Naomi Carter. After appearing to struggle with her shoes during the lip-sync, Alexis was ultimately sent packing.

Yet, while Alexis’ elimination came as a shock to fans, the other big moment to cause a stir in the episode was competitors, best friends and housemates Cara Melle and Tomara Thomas having a shouting match.

Cara was upset with Tomara after the latter told RuPaul and special guest, former British Vogue editor Edward Enninful, that she had never seen Cara sew her own looks. Cara told Tomara exactly why it wasn’t OK to show her up in front of her idols, and a fierce confrontation ensued.

Tomara Thomas and Cara Melle on Drag Race UK.
Drag Race UK: Tensions were high between Tomara Tomas and Cara Melle. (BBC)

Speaking to PinkNews and other media, Alexis shared her thoughts on the drama and how long it lasted.

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“Oh, it was going on for ages! It was going for ages, and I was loving it,” she said. “I was like, at least it doesn’t include me.”

However she suggested that the Drag Race UK editors might have amplified the drama to spice things up.

“They probably have pumped it up more for the viewers, because [Cara and Tomara] love each other. They’re best friends.”

Alexis also addressed her own drama. At the beginning of the episode, fellow competitor Ginger Johnson implied that queen DeDeLicious had convinced Alexis that she had performed poorly in week one.

In the premiere episode, DeDeLicious seemed to suggest that she would be in the bottom alongside Alexis Saint-Pete, but it turned out that Alexis was in the top.

Drag Race UK eliminated queen Alexis Saint Pete.
Alexis Saint-Pete became the first eliminated queen on Drag Race UK season five. (BBC)

“It got into my head and definitely I could tell, even though I was saying I was fine at the second episode, but I feel like it still got to me. I was so bothered by it – not by DeDeLicious, I was bothered by the situation,” Alexis explained.

She added that the experience brought up memories of when she was bullied back home in Poland.

“Having people doubting me was painful for me to see again. It should have never happened because I was so confident and my looks were amazing. I was representing amazingly my country, and so I should have never really been like, ‘oh maybe they’re right’.”

She agreed that she fell victim to the infamous “inner saboteur” that RuPaul harks on about.

The Drag Race UK season 5 promotional photo for contestant Alexis Saint-Pete.
Drag Race UK: Alexis Saint-Pete is championing Poland’s queer community. (BBC)

“I should have been a bit more confident and a bit more cocky and just been more like: ‘No b***h, my look was amazing. How about you worry about yourself and I’ll worry about me.’ Very that.”

Although she’s only just left the competition, she said she’d “love” to appear on a future All Stars season.

“I would love to, of course. I would love to come back and just show more of me, show the part of me that people didn’t get to see. The fun part, the cuckoo, the crazy part of me.

“Next time I’m going to go there and I literally won’t take any s**t. I will be confident because I know I represent good things. I have a talent, I have a story, and I will definitely be more out there.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK airs on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer in the UK and streams on WOW Presents Plus in the US.