Right-wing trolls spam anti-trans ‘comedy’ Lady Ballers with five-star reviews

Lady Ballers

Right-wing film fans have rushed to give “inherently unfunny” so-called comedy, Lady Ballers, featuring Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, five-star reviews. 

Shapiro, who filmed himself burning a pricey set of dolls after seeing Greta Gerwig’s big-screen smash Barbie in July and calling it “one of the most woke movies” he had ever seen, makes a special appearance in the new film.

Written, directed by and starring Jeremy Boreing, who plays Rob Gibson, the film follows a former basketball coach who will “do anything to win, which in this case means leading his team of men to don wigs and brutally dominate in multiple women’s sports,” according to IMDb. 

The movie, which is exclusive to DailyWire+, also features other Daily Wire contributors such as anti-trans activist Matt Walsh. 

While some professional reviewers described the film as racist, sexist, transphobic and antisemitic, with one critic saying: “It’s not funny, it’s just ugly,” it has found a following among viewers of The Daily Wire. It currently holds a 96 per cent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“In a world where women’s sports is being trans-formed, The Daily Wire calls foul with the most triggering comedy of the year,” DailyWire+ wrote on YouTube.

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Despite only premiering on Friday (1 December), the film has already been swamped with five-star reviews, regardless of a backlash from the LGBTQ+ community. 

In a Daily Wire interview, Shapiro said he originally suggested the so-called comedy should be a documentary. 

But his idea was quickly quashed. “It turns out most ladies’ leagues don’t allow any actual men and they weren’t willing to go the full distance in terms of what it would require, the actual hormone treatments, to actually play in ladies’ leagues,” he said. 

Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes include one person saying: “It was hilarious, like a good throwback comedy that Hollywood would be too scared to make nowadays.” 

Another compared the movie to Ben Stiller comedy Dodgeball, while another comment hailed it as “absolute comedy gold”. 

A host of sports governing bodies have legislated recently to prevent transgender women participating in the women’s category at elite levels, with fishing’s Angling Trust the latest to instigate a ban, citing concerns of an “unfair strength advantage”. 

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