Here’s why Queer Eye season 8 will be Bobby Berk’s last

Bobby Berk will leave Queer Eye after the eighth season.

Season eight of Netflix’s hit Queer Eye reboot will be with viewers this January, but the Fab Five’s latest string of makeovers will also mark the last outing for interior design expert Bobby Berk.

Queer Eye returned to Netflix in 2018, helmed by five newcomers who have since been catapulted into reality star fame and spawning spin-offs in Brazil and Germany.

The revamped Fab Five features fashion guru Tan France, cultural expert Karamo Brown, food maestro Antoni Porowski, grooming icon Jonathan Van Ness and the master of design himself, Bobby Berk.

Queer Eye‘s popularity has come alongside professional wins for all the hosts, from Tan France’s thriving reality TV career to Jonathan Van Ness’ successful literary ventures. As for Berk, the Emmy-nominated presenter has his own homeware business and released an interior design book titled Right At Home in 2023.

While viewers can expect tears, queer joy and plenty of laughter from Queer Eye season eight, the series will also be Berk’s swan song as he leaves the show for good.

Why did Bobby Berk quit Queer Eye?

Bobby Berk shared an emotional social media post in November 2023 in which he stated that he was leaving the show with a “heavy heart”, but that his departure was “necessary”.

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“It’s not been an easy decision to be at peace with, but a necessary one”, the 42-year-old TV personality wrote. “Although my journey with Queer Eye is over, my journey with you is not. You will be seeing more of me very soon,” he added.

While there has been no further confirmation on the reasoning behind his departure, there has been plenty of speculation.

Last month Berk responded to fan calls for him to have his own show with an intriguing Instagram post. “I’ve heard you, and it’s gunna happen,” he wrote, implying exciting plans for the future.

However, insiders have indicated that tension amongst the cast might have also contributed to Berk’s decision.

According to an US Weekly source, one person alleged that Berk “wasn’t vibing with the cast”.

“His heart was not in it and the rest of the cast started to resent him because of that,” the source added.

However, most of rest of the Fab Five Crew have appeared nothing other than supportive of Berk publicly. On Berk’s leaving post they flocked to offer with their well wishes.

“We are #ForeverTheFab5 no matter what,” Karamo commented. “I’m about to be a Netflix’s door & e-mails telling them you can’t leave! Who is coming with me?”

Notably, France has been missing from the comments and likes sections all of Berk’s posts concerning the new season, leaving some to wonder if there is something going on between the two. Neither have addressed the social media rumours.

Queer Eye returns for season eight on 24 January, 2024.