Bisexual polyamorous woman opens up about ‘exciting’ marriage with husband and two wives

They spoke on ITV's This Morning about their relationship. (ITV/This Morning)

A bisexual woman who lives with her husband and their two wives has opened up about their “exciting” polyamorous relationship.

Miami-based Stephanie Almonte appeared on a recent episode of ITV’s This Morning alongside her husband Mazayah Andrews and their two wives Rosa Zelaya and Dezeray Carrera. 

Almonte, 30, and Andrews, 38, were initially in a monogamous relationship in 2016. However, the pair split two years later, when Andrews then started a relationship with Zelaya, 30. 

However, Almonte revealed to the talk show that she “continued to try and rekindle our relationship the whole time”. When he split from Rosa, they all sat down and had a conversation about being in a polyamorous relationship.

A polyamorous relationship simply means a person who has open sexual or romantic relationships with more than one person at a time.

“I said, ‘I want to be with you, she wants to be with you, I like girls. So, if that makes you happy, then we’re happy.'” She said their transition into a polyamorous relationship wasn’t “as hard as you would think“.

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She continued to say: “I am used to getting to know more than one person at a time, the challenge is exciting for me.

“Being in a poly relationship is everything I ever wanted. I feel like I manifested it, it came pretty easy to me.”

The individuals all live together under one roof, which Andrews explained “brings financial stability”, as well as the opportunity to share parental responsibilities to support their 11 children equally. 

In a recent study by alcohol brand 19 Crimes of almost 2,000 18-42 adults in the UK, almost one in five Gen Z and millennials believe monogamy is outdated. Furthermore, two in five people have either been in a committed polyamorous relationship already (22%) or are considering it as an alternative to monogamy (17%). 

In the study, 40% of participants said they know someone who has been in a throuple a balanced, consensual and committed relationship between three people. Of that number, 78% of people said that person was someone in their friendship group. 

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