‘I have more than one boyfriend’

Gabrielle and Alex discuss their polyamorous relationship on an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s “Red Table Talk”.

“I’m not specifically attracted to men and I’m not specifically attracted to women or any other gender. It’s that I’m open to anything,” Gabrielle shares.

Aaron is Gabrielle’s platonic life partner, whilst Doug is her sexual partner and Alex is her boyfriend – and Alex also has a wife.

“I can currently manage multiple relationships, just like I can manage multiple friendships,” Gabrielle adds.

She experienced her first relationship when was 17, and that continued until she was 19. This was a watershed moment for her.

“A year and a half in, I noticed I was looking at other people and that kind of opened up the idea of ‘okay, maybe we can do a polyamorous relationship’. And then I met Alex, and that kind of solidified things for me.”

Gabrielle and Alex met on Tinder, and on their first date, he was coming from dinner with his wife and a friend of theirs. They had a drink together and the pair just “clicked.”

“People would be like, well what if Bridget decides she just doesn’t want to do this anymore?” Gabrielle adds, but Alex said that this just “wouldn’t happen” because “me and Bridget always talk about our issues before they become issues”.

“We’ve been together almost 10 years,” Alex shares of his marriage to Bridget, adding that they’ve been open for about five years of that time.

“Since the beginning, we were always really candid with our relationships when it came to being attracted to other people”, he explains.

Meanwhile, Bridget describes Alex as one of the “most loyal people” she’s ever met. “If he sees somebody like three nights a week and we haven’t had dinner together yet, I know this sounds maybe crazy to some people, but it really doesn’t bother me.”

“The face of polyamory is mostly white people and that’s not my reality,” Gabrielle reflects. “The more you see that this is something that exists and something that’s possible for you, the more people feel empowered.”

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