RuPaul doubles down on open marriage comments, saying monogamous people ‘are cheating on themselves’

The pair have been married since 2017. (Getty)

RuPaul Charles doesn’t believe that cheating is “really a thing” and explained his hot takes on monogamy in a new interview.

The drag icon has been married to his husband Georges LeBar since 2017 after being together for over two decades. The pair met at a nightclub in 1994, and recalled in a 2019 interview how he asked the “really, really tall” man if he could give him an embrace

In his powerful new memoir, the RuPaul’s Drag Race star detailed overcoming his addiction to drugs, while helping support his husband who went through the same struggle.

“As soon as [Georges] told me the truth, I realised I had been in deep denial. I had allowed myself to miss every one of those clues. It forced me to ask: why?,” he wrote in The House of Hidden Meanings.

Now, RuPaul has doubled down on his previous comments about being in an open relationship, asking why others would want to put “restrictions” on their partner. 

“Is cheating really a thing?”, he asked on the Call Her Daddy podcast. “If someone promises you that all of this area here,” he began, signalling to his genital region, “is going to be only for them, they’re lying.”

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He continued, saying he believes that women might be more inclined than men to stay in a monogamous relationship. “Who the f*ck are you fooling?”, he asked. 

“If you say you’re going to save all of this area for one person, you are cheating on yourself.

“Why would you [enforce that on] the person you love the most? Why would you put restrictions on them?”, he asked.

RuPaul previously opened up about being in an open marriage with LeBar calling their polyamorous arrangement practical.

“It’s just realistic,” he told New Yorker Magazine. “There’s no such thing as monogamy with men.”

However, RuPaul acknowledged that he struggles to connect with “a circle of people that I can sort of rely on” for intimacy, given his meteoric rise to fame.

Even in his 20s, the star recalled feeling disconnected from casual sex. “When I was meeting someone at a bar or something, I always would want to find some type of connection, but it was not there. 

“And I did not enjoy being with somebody I don’t have a connection to,” he told the outlet.

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