Andrew Tate claims Mr Beast supporting trans friend Kris Tyson is a ‘psyop’

Andrew Tate (left) and trans Mr Beast YouTube star Kris Tyson (right)

Self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate has spewed more baseless conspiracy theories, now accusing YouTube star Mr Beast of being part of a “psyop” by supporting his trans friend and collaborator Kris Tyson.

Tate claimed that YouTube personality James Stephen Donaldson, better known as Mr Beast, who is friends with trans influencer Kris Tyson, was part of a covert mission to make children accept trans people.

During Tate’s guest spot on the right-wing The Matt Kim Podcast on 28 February, Kim brought up the topic of Mr Beast and Kris Tyson, asking: “Can we talk about the biggest YouTuber in the world and his normalisation of a thing”, before stating: “What he’s doing is normalising transgenderism amongst children, it’s not amongst adults. The target audience is children, and it’s normalisation.”

Kim added: “We haven’t even said his name, everyone knows who we’re talking about.”

Tate claimed that Mr Beast, along with Tyson and what he described as “corporate sponsors”, were part of a “psyop” to normalise transgender people among children.

Psyops – psychological operations – are typically defined as military actions designed to convey attitudes or perceptions of individuals or groups, such as propaganda. The term has recently become popular among right-wing conspiracy theorists who claim the US government is attempting to push certain agendas on them.

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Tate used the term to claim that Tyson had transitioned to “[adhere] with an agenda” that corporate sponsors were “trying very hard to psyop the youth with.”

Kris Tyson announced that she was transitioning last April and has publicly documented her journey, which she says has made her feel “so much happier.”

Tate continued that the “leader of this channel, Mr whatever, very calmly and very cucked says: ‘Yeah, it’s good I support them’.”

Tate continued: “He knows he’s going to get in a lot of trouble if he doesn’t, and you’re going to sit here and say that that’s all a coincidence, and there was no corporate powers involved and no money involved.

“No one said to him: ‘Listen, you better support this transition because if you don’t you’re going to lose your channel’.”

Tate claimed that the goal was to “psyop your children” so that they would grow up to be accepting of trans people.

“They are coming for your children, everybody at home,” Tate declared. “Your children are the future which they want to control.”

In January, a Romanian court rejected an appeal by Tate to ease judicial control measures imposed while a legal case – in which he is charged with human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women – continues. Tate denies the allegations.

PinkNews has contacted representatives for James Donaldson aka Mr Beast for comment.