Internet star Sneako claims MrBeast ‘pushing transgenderism’ by supporting Ava Kris Tyson

Ava Kris Tyson and MrBeast

Rumble streamer Sneako has claimed YouTube star MrBeast is “pushing kids to transgenderism” by supporting Ava Kris Tyson, his friend and collaborator, who came out as trans last year. 

Tyson, who rose to fame as one of MrBeast’s sidekicks and regularly appears in his videos, came out as a trans woman last year, changing the spelling of her name to Kris and confirming she uses she/her pronouns.

During his latest Rumble stream, Sneako, who focuses on content discussing government affairs, men’s rights activists and lifestyle choices, hit out at MrBeast, whose real name is James Stephen Donaldson, for supporting his trans friend Tyson. 

Sneako, a former MrBeast collaborator who was banned from YouTube in 2023 after repeatedly breaching its policies, said: “We need to keep talking about the fact that he keeps pushing kids to transgenderism.” 

He went on to share a baseless claim that people are “cutting their d**ks off because of MrBeast”. 

“There comes a certain point when you make enough money, you get enough fame, and your YouTube channel is successful enough, but every time you continue to ignore what Kris is promoting, kids are cutting their d*cks off because of you and people should press that more.” 

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He concluded that he wants to enjoy MrBeast’s content but “can’t stop thinking” about his friendship with Tyson. 

MrBeast has incurred the wrath of other conservative influencers for his friendship with Tyson, with self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate recently accusing him of being part of a “psyop” by supporting her. 

Psyops – psychological operations – are typically defined as military actions designed to convey attitudes or perceptions of individuals or groups, such as propaganda. The term has recently become popular among right-wing conspiracy theorists who claim the US government is attempting to push certain agendas on them.

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