MrBeast’s Kris Tyson radiates trans joy celebrating a year on hormone therapy

Kris Tyson, a YouTuber and MrBeast collaborator who is trans, smiles as she holds up pink and blue balloons next to her

YouTube star Kris Tyson, best known for collaborating with MrBeast, is celebrating another milestone in her transition: her almost-year anniversary of being on hormones.

Tyson, who has been a staple on MrBeast’s YouTube channel for years, made waves after initially discussing her gender identity journey in April before coming out as trans in July 2023

Being a part of one of the most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube has meant there’s been a lot of attention on Kris’ journey to live as her authentic self, and she’s not shied away from sharing her trans joy online. 

In December, she shared before and after selfies on X/Twitter to show off her nearly one-year transformation since starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in January 2023. 

“January vs December,” Tyson wrote. She added: “(The first photo is the night I took hrt).”

In the first picture, Kris Tyson is smiling with her eyes closed while seemingly sitting in a dim room. 

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Nearly a year later, in the December snap, the MrBeast star is truly radiating pure trans joy as she shows off her amazing complexion, enviable makeup skills and some stunning fashion choices. 

Fans were overjoyed at the landmark moment with people rightfully commenting on how “gorgeous” and “happy” she looks while living her truth. 

Another trans person even shared her before and after photos since also starting HRT in January, saying it was amazing to see “how far we’ve both come”. 

“Your progress is so admiring!! I’m so happy for you,” Kris Tyson responded in a very heartwarming moment. 

Back in April, Kris Tyson told YouTube star Anthony Padilla that she was fully able to accept her trans identity after starting HRT. She said it was “so freeing” that HRT allowed her to be able to express herself and figure out who she was.

“I really never felt connected to my body until I started taking HRT,” she said.

Being on HRT lifted a “fog” that had surrounded her, and she was able to “see things clearly” and feel “confident in who [she] was”. 

“I knew who I was finally, surely, truly without a shadow of a doubt and that is what really saved my life,” she added.

Despite the immense happiness radiating from her, some folks online are bitter about Kris Tyson’s transition. 

In one interaction on X/Twitter from Tuesday (2 January), one user shared a screenshot of MrBeast coming to the defence of his longtime friend. The YouTube star simply said: “All this transphobia is starting to p**s me off.”

The social media user marvelled that the “Kris Tyson hate backfired on transphobes so much” because a huge majority of young people’s “first exposure to trans people is their favourite YouTuber MrBeast defending them”. 

But anti-trans users couldn’t let that nice sentiment lie. 

Instead, they deadnamed, misgendered and commented on the size of the trans YouTuber’s forehead. One person even shared an edited picture of Kris Tyson, claiming she has an “obvious male face”.

Kris Tyson clapped back beautifully at the anti-trans hate, sharing a lovely photo of herself in the sunlight outside. 

“Thank you to all the transphobes that boost my engagement. You’re helping the world see how hot I’m gettin,” she added

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