Lauren Boebert jokes about removal from Beetlejuice theatre show: ‘They should see me in church’

Lauren Boebert,, in a turquoise dress, stands infront of a CPAC display.

Lauren Boebert has acknowledged her chaotic exit from a Beetlejuice theatre show once again after making light of the situation in a recent interview.

The Colorado Republican, who is known for her a pro-gun, anti-LGBTQ+ views, was infamously kicked out of a Denver theatre in late 2023 after she was being disruptive during a showing of the musical Beetlejuice.

She was seen in CCTV footage shared following the incident taking photographs with the flash on, vaping during the performance, and fondling her male companion.

As she was being escorted out by security staff, further footage shows her throwing the middle finger and asking: “Do you know who I am?”

Boebert has since apologised for the debaucle, saying that she was “maybe overtly animated.”

“I was laughing, I was singing, having a fantastic time, was told to kinda settle it down a little bit, which I did, but then, my next slip-up was taking a picture”, she said.

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“I was a little too eccentric… I’m on the edge of a lot of things.”

She again addressed the controversy in an interview with The Washington Post published on Sunday (3 March) while discussing her recent decision to move electoral districts.

“People were freaking out about me dancing in the seat at ‘Beetlejuice’,” Boebert said. “Well, they should see me in church.”

Sadly, Boebert won’t be allowed to vape indoors, given laws on indoor smoking and vaping in Colorado. Depending on which church she opts to attend, she might be able to use flash photography, however.

Fondling her male companion won’t be an option either, not least because the two parted ways shortly following the incident because he was, in Lauren Boebert’s words, a “freaking Dem[ocrat]”.

Quinn Gallagher, who owns a drag-friendly bar, stopped seeing Boebert days following their removal from the show, according to TMZ.