Lauren Boebert: Sleazy Beetlejuice groping with date who owns drag-friendly bar

Lauren Boebert

Far-right Republican representative Lauren Boebert’s date, who she was caught on CCTV groping at a family-friendly showing of the Beetlejuice musical, owns a drag-friendly bar that hosts the very events she proclaims to hate.

Boebert’s companion has been identified in press reports as Quinn Gallagher, who could be seen squeezing Boebert’s breasts as she fondled his crotch at the Buell Theater in Colorado on 10 September.

Gallagher is reportedly a Democrat and owner of Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen, Colorado. 

The bar appears to be openly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and in January, hosted a “winter wonderland burlesque and drag show”. It has also previously hosted Aspen Gay Ski Week‘s women’s cocktail party.

The two unlikely lovers have been dating for months, according to the New York Post. 

The Daily Mail reported a source as calling the pairing of Boebert and Quinn “very surprising”.

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“I always thought Quinn was a cool guy and a Democrat. His parents would be horrified because they are definitely blue.”

Boebert has been vocal in her opposition to drag and to the LGBTQ+ community more generally. In 2022, she took to social media to write: “Take your children to church, not drag bars.”

Last year, the representative for Colorado’s third district has also accused senators of “sexualising” children over part of a federal spending bill going to LGBTQ+ youth programmes, and in June 2023, she described there being something “very wrong” with family-friendly drag perfomances. 

A month before, she slammed the US Navy for using “drag queens for recruitment”, claiming that countries like China and Russia “see this stuff and prepare accordingly”.

Boebert added: “We need a non-woke military. Better yet, an anti-woke military.”

Despite her public anti-drag stance, Boebert appeared happy to engage in heavy petting with Gallagher, whose bar cashes in on the popular art form. 

Boebert and Gallagher were kicked out of the Buell Theater during a musical performance of Beetlejuice following their disruptive actions, which alongside fondling also included flash photography, dancing and using a vape pen.

After being ejected, Boebert reportedly asked an usher “do you know who I am?”, and can be seen on CCTV showing her middle finger to theatre staff as she left the premises.

Boebert was caught on CCTV apparently flipping off members of staff at the Buell Theatre. (Daily Mail)

The US representative, who announced her divorce from former husband Jayson Boebert in May, attempted to deny claims she vaped, posting on X: “I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud!”

However, the gun rights activist issued an apology for vaping on Friday (15 September).

Boebert blamed her behaviour on the breakup from the 20-year relationship in a statement, writing: “The past few days have been difficult and humbling, and I’m truly sorry.

‘There’s no perfect blueprint for going through a public and difficult divorce, which over the past few months has made a challenging personal time for me and my entire family.’ 

“I simply fell short of my values on Sunday. That’s unacceptable and I’m sorry.”