Nicholas Galitzine ‘so proud’ of queer sex scenes in Mary & George – and we can see why

Nicholas Galitzine has explained why he’s “so proud” of the “important” queer sex scenes in new historical psychosexual drama, Mary & George.

In Sky’s new, seven-part limited series, which is based on a true story, Red, White & Royal Blue star Nicholas Galitzine plays bisexual statesman George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. 

As part of a master plan to rise up England’s social ranks, George’s mother Mary Villiers, Countess of Buckingham, played by another ‘mother’, Julianne Moore, essentially prostitutes her son out to fellow bisexual, England’s King James I – James the VI in Scotland (played by Mayflies Tony Curran).

At first, George appears unsure of his attraction to the men around him; he’s very popular with women, but he can’t help checking out some of the stablemen, either. When he’s shipped off to France by Mary in the hopes that he’ll learn how to be a gentleman, he instead learns how to get with one.

While in the country, he’s coaxed by resident Jean (The Lost Boys’ Khalil Ben Gharbia) into a threesome – he declines the offer at first, and then, unwilling to resist, gets his kit off.

Back in England, his scheming mother manages to convince him to seduce King James, and it’s not long before the pair are getting very intimate indeed – with a little help from Nicholas Galitzine’s spit. Yes, Mary & George really is the “horny romp” the reviewers promised.

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Speaking about the sex scenes, Galitzine – who is no stranger to playing LGBTQ+ roles – told Digital Spy that it was “really important” for his character’s development.

“For George, it was really interesting because those scenes in France, we actually didn’t get around to shooting till the end of the schedule. And for me, that was always a really important part of George’s history that I needed to be filled in. I mean, it’s his genesis in a lot of ways,” he said.

“So, getting the casting of Jean right was really important – I think that relationship and the charisma that he has in sort of helping really tease the truth of George’s identity out of himself.”

Galitzine went on to explain that he is “so proud of how those scenes turned out” as they marked a turning point in George, who he described as “so repressed in some ways”.

“It’s all about honesty,” he added in a conversation with Attitude.

Nicholas Galitzine in Mary & George. (Sky TV/ AMC)

“We’re interested in an honest portrayal of this era, Jacobean England. Certainly, from my perspective, the relationship between George and King James was… the pure love that grew between them albeit it was transactional at first it grew into something really, really beautiful. And I think that’s really reflected in the scenes, which is lovely.”

The steamy scenes that Galitzine stars in have sent thirsty Red, White & Royal Blue fans globally into meltdown. 

Even Galitzine himself has acknowledged how thirsty his fans are being over the stripped-off scenes, writing on X/Twitter: “Mary & George would like to formally apologise for breaking social media. Our power is too potent ;).”

Mary & George is available on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW, now. Mary & George will premiere on STARZ in the US on 5 April.