G Flip says coming out as non-binary was a ‘euphoric moment’

Australian singer-songwriter G Flip has described coming out as non-binary as a “very euphoric moment”.

In an interview with PinkNews, G Flip previously admitted when they originally came out as gay, their parents had no problem with it, but coming to terms with their child’s non-binary was more diffcult for them.

“They didn’t know much about it. They didn’t really understand,” the singer explained.

 Non-binary people can identify anywhere along the gender spectrum, with some seeing themselves as removed from the notion altogether.

G Flip, who came out as non-binary in June 2021 and is married to Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause, revealed that they had “many struggles growing up” with their gender identity and sexuality, due a Catholic schooling system. 

“When I go back to my childhood, I’m like: ‘That makes so much sense’. Like, my whole life made sense once I educated myself on what being non-binary was,” they said.

G Flip
Australian singer-songwriter G Flip has opened up about coming out as non-binary. (Getty)

“Although I had a happy childhood, I had quite a dark childhood in the sense of my own thoughts. I didn’t want to share myself with anyone, so I kept very much hidden.”

The singer said coming out as gay felt “euphoric” to them. “Then, a few years later, once I was educated on what being non-binary was, coming out again, as non-binary, was a very euphoric moment. I started to understand myself more.” 

G Flip and Stause are blazing their own trail for non-binary representation on mainstream reality TV. A clip from season seven of Selling Sunset sees the latter fiercely confronting co-star Marie-Lou Nurk after she misgenders G Flip.

Last month, the singer also cemented themself as a Swiftie after attending Taylor Swift’s second night at the massive open-air arena in Melbourne. 

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