Chrishell Stause corrects Selling Sunset co-star over partner G Flip’s pronouns during tense fight

Chrishell Stause (L) schools Selling Sunset co-star on partner G Flip's pronouns.

Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause continues to bring queer issues to the reality TV world after correcting co-star Marie Lou-Nuerk about the pronouns used by her partner G Flip during a tense fight.

Season seven of Netflix’s hit luxury real estate series, Selling Sunset, arrives on screens this Friday (3 November). The hit reality show – which follows the dramatic lives of The Oppenheim Group’s real estate experts – sees the return of fan-favourite star Chrishell Stause and Marie Lou-Nuerk, the girlfriend of office boss (and Chrishell’s ex), Jason Oppenheim.

In a promo clip for the upcoming episodes shared by Netflix on Monday (30 October), we see an intense stand-off between the pair after Marie-Lou claims Chrishell “doesn’t really want to be friends” while on the phone to Jason.

Chrishell and Jason dated for around five months in 2021, during which time Chrishell met her current partner, G Flip. Chrishell and G Flip started dating in March 2022 and celebrated their relationship in May 2023 with an intimate wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.

30-year-old Australian musician G Flip is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

During the heated exchange, Marie accuses Chrishell of not being interested in her life but says that she “really liked G a lot”. While complimenting G as “so nice” Marie-Lou misgenders them by using she/her pronouns.

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Chrishell immediately reacts with a disappointed facial expression. “Okay, my partner is non-binary,” she calmly explains. “They use ‘they/them’ pronouns. This is a simple thing.”

“Oh sorry,” Marie-Lou responds.

But Chrishell continues: “This is the depth of our relationship, where the most important person in my life, you don’t know their pronouns. Which is totally fine, but my point is that you also don’t know me.

“I’m not gonna be your friend, like I don’t have anything in common with you.”

The awkward meeting comes to an end as Chrishell simply states: “I feel like I’m losing brain cells on this conversation.”

Fans are already impressed by Chrishell’s iconic behaviour. “Chrishell ate her UP!” One person wrote.

“I don’t know why these girls come for Chrishell every season…she eats them up every single time and another thing about Chrishell she’s gonna look good while doing it,” another added.

42-year-old TV personality Chrishell – who is set to star in new lesbian thriller Lifetime movie You’re Not Supposed to Be Here – has regularly defended her relationship with G Flip across the media.

In August, Stause slammed fans still shipping her and Jason. “I get these comments all the time on every post, so let me be clear. It’s never happening,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I met my forever partner with G and we are planning a family and everything happened the way it’s supposed to. Jason is happy and he is a great friend I will have forever. But the people constantly trying to ‘ship’ us getting us back together are wasting your time.”

Selling Sunset season seven arrives on Netflix on Friday, 3 November.