Selling Sunset’s G Flip says parents ‘struggled’ with non-binary identity

Chrishell Stause with partner G Flip.

Australian singer and Selling Sunset star G Flip has opened up about their parents’ reaction to their queer non-binary identity.

G Flip (known off stage as G) started dating Selling Sunset reality TV star Chrishell Stause in early 2022. The loved-up couple celebrated their wedding in May and are now showing their romance off to the world in the latest season of the Netflix reality series.

As G Flip’s music career grows, spurred on by Stause’s appearance in their “Get Me Outta Here” music video, they appeared on the ABC Network show Take 5 with Zan Rowe, to discuss navigating their identity.

“Coming out as queer and gay was really easy for my parents. They were just like: ‘Oh yeah, you want spaghetti for dinner?’ It was not a big deal,” they said in a preview of the interview uploaded to ABC TV’s Instagram.

However, things were not so simple when the artist came out as non-binary.

“Me coming out non-binary was a little harder for them to wrap their heads around, just because of representation. They didn’t know much about it. They didn’t really understand.

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“It hadn’t been talked about much in Australian media. So, my parents really struggled with it and didn’t get it.”

Over time G Flip’s parents made an active effort to increase their knowledge and understanding of non-binary identities, as reflected by the singer in a sweet anecdote.

“In the [past] six months, they’re getting my pronouns right. They’re really trying hard to get it right.

“My dad called the other day and he’s like: ‘So, my mate asked me, you know, is G your daughter or your son’ and I was like, ‘What did you say, dad?’ And he’s like, ‘Well I made up my own word for you, you’re my daughson’. A daughter and a son.

“I just wanted to cry. I thought it was the cutest thing and I was like: ‘Thanks, dad. Yeah, I’m your daughson’.”

As the clip comes to an end, G Flip refocused attention on the importance of representation in helping people understand the non-binary community better.

G Flip shares their parents' reaction to coming out as queer and non-binary.
G Flip shares their parents’ reaction to coming out as queer and non-binary. (Getty)

“My parents did struggle but, you know, representation matters. The more representation, the more people are gonna understand and absorb it and get their heads around it.

“But it’s really not that complicated. I think a lot more people find it much more intense than it actually is.”

G Flip and Stause are blazing their own trail for non-binary representation on mainstream TV. A clip from season seven of Selling Sunset sees the latter fiercely confronting co-star Marie-Lou Nurk after she misgendered G Flip.

Elsewhere, the couple thrilled fans by dressing up as Troye Sivan and Ross Lynch for Halloween last month.

Selling Sunset season 7 is on Netflix now.