Is Jordan North’s sexuality actually any of your business? No – it is not

Jordan North standing wreathed in rainbow coloured vape smoke

34-year-old DJ and TV presenter Jordan North has been a staple of British broadcasting for several years.

He graduated with a BA in media production from Sunderland university before securing a job at BBC Radio 5 Live. In 2018 he launched a popular podcast called Help I Sexted My Boss, in which he helped listeners with their dilemmas alongside his friend, etiquette guru William Hanson.

In 2020, he was a runner-up in the twentieth series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! which further catapulted him into the limelight… and also sparked rampant discussion, speculation and rumours about his sexuality. This speculation was condemned by some online commenters, with one taking to a forum to write:

“If Jordan wanted to talk about (his sexuality), he would – and the pressure he’s bound to be under should everyone continue searching for, or talking about his sexuality is something no one should face.

“Whether Jordan North is gay, straight, bisexual or beyond is completely his business, and given he’s been on our radio waves for years now and our TV screens for weeks, if he wanted to share that he would’ve already.”

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Is Jordan North gay? Is he bisexual? Is it any of our business?

Everyone has a right to a private life, and Jordan North is no different. He’s never disclosed his sexuality or gone into great detail about his love life, and he shouldn’t face any pressure to reveal anything about himself. In fact, speculation and pressure like this can be actively harmful to celebs.

In February 2023, Heartstopper star Kit Connor spoke out against people making “harmful” assumptions about others’ sexuality based on the way they look or act.

“The idea that you can tell someone’s sexuality based on the way that they look, the way that they talk, the way that they walk, the way that they dress, is quite frankly ridiculous and it’s really quite harmful,” he said.

Connor endured intense speculation about his own sexuality after the series first aired in 2022, and was pressured to come out as bisexual.

One thing that BBC Radio One Jordan North has opened up about is just how bad he is at dating: he confessed that he is so bad at romance that he once shook a love interest’s hand at the end of the night.

North spoke about the night out on his podcast, saying: “I went on a first date about 18 months ago and I’m not good at these because I once shook my date’s hand at the end of the evening. I think you’re supposed to hug them or kiss them. It was awkward. You’re not supposed to shake hands are you really, it’s very British.”

He also discussed the etiquette of who should pay on a date, saying: “I agree that if it’s a man and a woman going on a first date then the (man) should pay. If it’s a same-sex couple then whoever initiated should pay.”

In another podcast episode, he claimed that a “gay ghost” was haunting his house, telling Hanson:

“I say this with slight trepidation but I think the gay ghost has returned to my new house. The other night at around 2am the shower decided to turn itself on. I s*** myself and at first I thought it was a burglar. I picked up the first thing on my bedside table – a can of deodorant.

“I go in and the shower was spitting and I think it’s the gay ghost saying he’s back.

“Or, according to some plumbers, it’s a problem with my airlock.”

The Truth About Vaping

Jordan North is set to investigate the UK’s vaping phenomenon on BBC Three tonight (Wednesday March 20), looking into new research that has shown that lead found in illegal vapes has nearly doubled in the last year.

Lead is a highly toxic metal, and The World Health Organisation (WHO) says high levels of lead exposure in young people can affect the development of the brain.

In the programme, North, who uses vapes himself, joins Newcastle Trading Standards as they conduct raids on shops selling illegal vapes. He also meets young vapers who – like him – are confused about the impact of vaping on their health, and the mixed messages they’re receiving about vaping from the media.

Jordan North: The Truth About Vaping airs on BBC Three at 9pm, and is already available on iPlayer.