Trinity the Tuck recalls horrendous penis injury while filming Drag Race: ‘Like a horror movie’

Trinity The Tuck in a plastic pink bodysuit and pink hair on All Stars 4.

Injuries aren’t exactly uncommon on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but All Stars 4 winner Trinity The Truck has revealed that she takes the crown when it comes to the show’s worst wound.

It all started with season nine queen Eureka O’Hara. After attempting a cartwheel during the season’s cheerleading challenge in the second episode, she landed wrong, popped her knee and was sent home three episodes later.

She became the first queen in Drag Race history to sashay away due to injury or illness, but she certainly wouldn’t be the last. Following Drag Race UK season two’s filming break, caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, queen Veronica Green didn’t return to the competition, as she’d contracted the virus.

Then there was Drag Race UK season three star Victoria Scone, the show’s first cisgender woman, who had to leave after injuring her knee during a lip-sync. Season 14’s Kornbread Jeté was next, exiting early after hurting her ankle during an acting challenge.

Unbeknownst to most though, season nine contestant Trinity The Tuck also suffered some serious trauma – although it was in place hidden from the production team, shall we say.

Trinity the Tuck suffered an unpleasant injury. (Envato/ Supplied)

While filling in for Bob The Drag Queen on the Sibling Rivalry podcast, alongside co-host and fellow All Stars winner Monet X Change, Trinity revealed that her famed tucking ability landed her with an horrific, graphic injury on season nine.

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“We filmed for so many hours on the runway and I did so many naked looks, my penis was taped so long every day, I started to get black welts,” Trinity revealed.

It’s an image that’s hard to shake, and an injury that almost certainly required medical attention. Ever the fighter though, Trinity carried on – maybe being terrified of becoming the first queen sent home due to a damaged appendage. 

“I thought that I had an STD [sexually transmitted disease] the whole time I was filming. This is right around the time that Eureka gets eliminated for an injury. I’m like, b***h, I’m not telling them that my d**k is falling off, I am keeping this to myself.”

Unsurprisingly, given her name, Trinity The Tuck is famed for her tight and tidy tucking abilities, and she’s used the skill to her advantage in more ways than one.

Trinity The Tuck does a song about tucking on All Stars 4.
Trinity The Tuck showed the world how to tuck on All Stars 4. (YouTube/RuPaul’s Drag Race)

In addition to gagging the Drag Race judges with her polished nude runways looks, Trinity even made a song about her tucking talent for the variety show challenge in the first episode of All Stars 4 – a challenge she won. 

Now though, she prefers to tuck with “vinyl that has a stretch to it”, otherwise known as boat tape, after a doctor told her she was allergic to duct tape.

“I went to the doctor as soon as we got done filming, because it was that way the whole time, and I had to tape over that. It was bad. It looked like a horror movie down there,” she told her co-host.

“I went to a doctor as soon as I got back to Florida and they were like: ‘No, you don’t have an STD, but you’re allergic to duct tape’.”

Painfully aware of the trials and tribulations of taping your manhood between your legs for hours on end, Monet shrieked: “Girl, no.”

In the spirit of swapping tucking horror stories, Monet followed up by revealing that while she rarely tucks, she did attempt it – with duct tape – on episode eight of season 10. The result? A wardrobe malfunction of disastrous proportions. 

“It was really rough. I taped myself and I thought it was going well. Then, as I was waiting to walk down the runway, I’m sweating,” she said.

“As I was walking, the tape was just unsticking. That’s why they had to blur my runway on season 10, because my d**k and the tape was fully out. Embarrassing. I can’t watch it.”

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