Maren Morris demolishes critics after taking son to drag show: ‘A lot of gowns in Catholicism’

Maren Morris

Country singer and LGBTQ+ advocate Maren Morris has hit back at bigots who are berating her for supporting the drag community and allowing her son to do so too.

Morris, who apologised for country music’s historically poor relationship with its queer fans when she was a guest judge on season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday (12 April). 

Her appearance saw the pair discuss her LGBTQ+ advocacy and taking her son to a drag show. 

The “My Church” singer, who has previously said she was inspired by drag queens throughout her own childhood, explained that she took part in a benefit at the Bridgestone Arena in March 2023 in protest against Tennessee’s ban on drag performances.

Love Rising saw artist including Hozier, Hayley Williams and Brittany Howard join together to protest against the southern state’s regressive ban. 

While on stage at Love Rising, Morris demanded that Tennessee officials “arrest her” after she proudly told the crowd that she had introduced her son to a drag queen.

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Morris told Clarkson: “And so, there were drag queens throughout entertaining as well, and one actually danced with me when I was singing my song, ‘The Middle,’ and it was just amazing and fun.

“My son loves watching me sit in the makeup chair and is fascinated with the colours, so it was completely harmless.”

Morris went on to praise drag as “an amazing expression of artistry” and explained that it’s important to normalise the art. 

She said of her son seeing the performances: “I’ve never really shied away from taking him to my shows. He’s on the road with me all the time.”

Despite good intentions, Maren Morris has seen bigots hit out at her for inclusive approach to parenting.

Taking to her Instagram story she posted, as reported by Gay Times: “OK, this ‘save the children’ plea always seems to distract from what we’re actually talking about. 

“If you’re making the ‘exposure to children’ argument, there are a lot of gowns in Catholicism, makeup and powdered wigs in theatre historically worn by only men, Mrs. Doubtfire that charmed our childhoods… the list goes on.

“Drag is centuries-long performance art and some drag is only for adults. The performance I referenced in this interview was a charity all-ages show to protest the unlawful drag ban in Tennessee that was rightfully overturned.”

Her comeback seems to have silenced the haters, for now. 

In 2023, the “Texas” singer announced her intention to leave country music, citing the “Trump years” that heightened homophobia and transphobia within the industry.