England football fan goes viral after downing a pint while doing the splits: ‘Shantay, you stay’

An England Euro 2024 supporter doing the splits and downing a pint

A mystery England football fan has enamoured internet users after dropping into the splits and downing a pint while watching the UEFA Euro 2024 championship.

Football and moves that wouldn’t look out of place on the main stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race aren’t exactly a common combination, but one England fan has managed to strike the balance while watching the ongoing Euro 2024.

Originally broadcast by Sky News on Sunday (16 June), coverage showing England fans supporting the team for the UEFA Euro 2024 included footage from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

With the camera outside a pub, one fan, dressed head to toe in an England kit, dropped into a split that would have made Morphine Love Dion proud, and proceeded to down his pint.

Posted to X with the RuPaul-inspired caption, “Shantay you stay,” the site has been flooded with appreciation for the mystery Euros fan, who is presumably readying their audition tape for Drag Race UK, season six.

“Now this .. is the perfect balance of British culture,” one user wrote of the Euro 2024 fan, while another added: “Peak male performance.”

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A third even joked: “Really the intersection of my interests here.”

Even Rylan, former X Factor contestant and all around icon has had his say, reposting the video with the caption: “Get a man who can do both.”

Of course, there’s also been a healthy serving of thirst from ‘Gay X’, which doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Gay Twitter’, but here we are.

One fan wrote a simple: “I need him,” and another added: “Can I say something…”

“As a man, this is the sexiest thing you can do,” opined a third, and a fourth wrote: “Suddenly, I care about football.”

England were triumphant in their match against Serbia on Sunday, with the final score being 1-0 for the Group C game of the UEGA Euro Championship, 2024.

England will next face Denmark on June 20.

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