Gottmik responds to claims she ‘stole’ comedian’s jokes for All Stars 9 roast

Gottmik on All Stars 9, episode 6

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 competitor and trans icon Gottmik has hit back at claims she copied comedian Nikki Glaser’s jokes for her roast set in the season’s latest episode.

Episode six (June 14) of the charity-based All Stars 9 saw its eight RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni roast each other in the ‘National Drag Convention Roast’, taking shots at each other, the judges and Nina West’s shoulders in the hopes of being awarded a Beautiful Benefactress Badge.

While Plastique Tiara was praised for her set, despite not being known for her comedy during her original run on season eleven, and Angeria placed in the top two alongside her to give Roxxxy Andrews the chop (again), Gottmik also excelled – but shortly following the episode, a user named @kelIyanne posted a compilation of comedian Nikki Glaser using almost identical jokes during previous televised performances to X.

“Gottmik stealing every single joke from Nikki Glaser..” the post read, which has been viewed 3.6 million times, according to X’s metrics.

Responding to the claims, Gottmik has leant into the theory and confirmed that she did indeed take inspiration from Glaser – and claimed that the other queens’ material wasn’t exactly 100% original, either.

Responding via her own X account, Gottmik wrote: “Wait do you guys think everyone wrote their jokes!? loll,” before adding: “Nikki is my queen so reworking a few of her jokes was a DUH for me. Love her.”

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Gottmik had been cut off in the previous episode of All Stars 9 by Roxxxy – so even if she’d won the roast, she wouldn’t have received a Benefactress Badge.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Roxxxy Vs. Angeria Show continued, with the season 14 competitor winning the lipsync and cutting off the All Stars 2 doll for the second time this season.

Gottmik also addressed concerned fans who pointed out how down she seemed on herself in the episode – particularly during companion show Untucked.

“Definitely was going through it and hit a Breaking point and couldn’t stop crying,” Gottmik wrote. “Will definitely have to get into it a bit on [No Gorge]”.”

The full All Stars 9 Drag Convention Roast – including a surprise appearance from Bob the Drag Queen – is available to watch below:

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9 airs on Fridays on Paramount+ in the US and WOW Presents Plus  internationally.

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