Yes, Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo’s new song is emotional, but no, it does not mean they’re dating

Pedro Pascal (left) and Omar Apollo (right)

Pedro Pascal and Omar Apollo have released a brand-new heartfelt song that has excited, well, pretty much everyone.

This comes after fans began speculating that Pascal, best known for appearing in The Last of Us, and Apollo, an American singer-songwriter, might be dating.

Eight months ago, the pair were spotted hanging out together in New York City and people on X commented that maybe Apollo was Pascal’s “sneaky link”.

There’s nothing to suggest the pair are dating, apart from Pascal leaving a heart-eyes emoji on one of Apollo’s Instagram posts last summer.

Though Apollo has come out as gay, Pascal has never labeled his sexuality but has been very vocal about his support of the LGBTQ+ community in recent years, and spoken out on behalf of his trans sister Lux.

Despite this, the rumours persisted and the emotional song released by the pair has led to further speculation – and some irritation – among fans.

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The song, titled Pedro, deals with themes of grief and heartbreak and features Pascal speaking in a voice memo about how his heart was “pretty shattered by something” while working in Lucerne, Switzerland and that the grief brought him to his knees.

The rest of the song has Apollo singing soulfully, seeming to bargain with and unspecified person.

After Pop Crave posted about the song on X, many commented underneath that they were convinced of Apollo and Pascal’s romantic relationship, with the lyrics apparently implying that Apollo was “down bad” for Pascal.

In response, one irritated fan wrote: “It seems like you all could use a bit of realism here… Only the first verse is sung by Omar. The rest is a talking track by Pedro Pascal about an unspecified but heartbreaking grief in his life.”

“Just because Pedro Pascal makes friends easily, that doesn’t mean people have the right to assume he’s a literal ho who sleeps with all of them. Especially the ones who are decades younger. He’s NOT Leo. He’s lived through so much pain in his life. He doesn’t deserve more,” they added.

Leo is a reference to Leonardo DiCaprio, who famously only tends to date actresses under 25 years of age.

Apollo previously spoke out about the dating rumours, saying: “I love Pedro… he’s like family. He’s always been there for me.”

In GQ, Pascal mentioned that Apollo is “a very good friend” of his. He continued: “I love his music. He’s also like me, someone who grew up bilingual… And so I love being a friend in each other’s journeys, and uplifting whatever I can creatively, supporting whatever creative experience that he’s having as a friend, as an artist, as a Latino, as a Spanish speaker. It just means a lot to me.”

So, no they are not dating. But the pair’s song, “Pedro”, and the rest of the God Said No album by Omar Apollo is out now.

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