Homophobic attack victim condemns police

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A producer for New York’s CBS News has slammed the inaction of Caribbean police after he was attacked with a gay friend in St Maarten.

Dick Jefferson and his friend Ryan Smith, 25, also a producer, were beaten unconscious by a homophobic gang on the Caribbean Island last week outside a bar.

Mr Jefferson, 51, criticised the police’s lazy attitude after Mr Smith was left with brain damage in the attack, he said: “Their attitude was sort of like, ‘It’s a tourist, who cares?'”

I’m just sick over what happened,” said Justin Swensen, 23, who lives with Mr Smith and was also in St Maarten with him.

The group of men were confronted by local residents after being seen holding hands, the gang tried to run them over, and then got out of the car and hit the two news producers.

There were many witnesses to the attack, but police failed to turn up until everyone was gone.

A local paper on the island condemned the attack, “The disservice these punks have done the island should not be underestimated.” the editorial said.