Eurovision fans await “gayest night” of the year

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The gay community is queering up for a camp packed Saturday night this weekend for Eurovision 2006.

Across the country Eurovision parties will be taking place with viewers cringing, laughing, and crying at the outfits, the dancing, and the attempts at singing.

This year’s contest is held in Athens, Greece and will include gay transvestite, Azis, in the Bulgarian entry and Swedish singer Carola, who once suggested gay people could be cured through prayer.

It will be the fifty-first Eurovision and cheese fans can look forward to the return of Las Ketchup, culprits of The Ketchup Song, who are representing Spain, and the dulcet tones of Terry Wogan, commentating on the BBC show.

The United Kingdom has chosen unknown rapper Daz Sampson, as their representative with his song, Teenage Life.

To impress your friends with your Eurovision knowledge, here is an extract of Sampson’s song,

“Now hear this

What did you learn at school today ?

That’s what the teachers used to say

But they don’t know

Don’t understand, do they ?

Why do they always give advice ?

Saying “Just be nice, always think twice”

When it’s been a long since they had a teenage life.” columnist, Adam Smith, is holding a Eurovision party in Hackney, he told “I’m really looking forward to the gayest night of the year.

“The Moldovan entry looks quite fit.”

Greece is currently tipped to win, and the UK is fourth favourite.

The Eurovision Song Contest starts at 8pm on May 20 2006