Gay campaigner embarks on equality drive

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Human Rights Campaign (HRC) president Joe Solmonese will embark on a whirlwind national tour this summer to cities and towns across this country to enlist the support of Americans in this struggle for equality.

The “Count Me In” Summer Tour will make its way from the rolling plains of Oklahoma City, OK to the streets of Chicago.

“The momentum in this country is toward equality and this summer we are keeping that force moving forward by talking with Americans about joining the fight for fairness,” said Mr Solmonese.

“We know that as more Americans come to know gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in our neighbourhoods, at our jobs and in houses of worship, they move toward fairness and equality, not away from it.”

The nationwide summer tour will include town hall meetings, roundtables with religious leaders, meeting with corporate leaders and employees and conversations with the American people.

The tour’s launch comes days after a high-profile debate in the United States Senate on whether to write discrimination into the US Constitution. The HRC was a leading voice in opposition to the amendment, which failed to garner even close to the number of votes needed for passage. In fact, two Senators switched their votes and stood on the side of equality.

“We have to accelerate education and outreach like never before. As more of the American people understand that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else, stereotypes will evaporate and fairness will prevail,” Mr Solmonese added.

“Our challenge is to reach out to the straight married couple who supports the gay family next door and say to them, ‘we need you in this struggle, standing with fairness means standing with us.'”

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