Madonna’s £3100 charity boots

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A pair of Doctor Martin boots designed by Madonna have raised £3100 for the National AIDS Trust (NAT).

The customised designs, which were donated as part of National Giving Week, were sold to the highest bidder on internet auction site eBay.

“Celebrity support can be instrumental both in raising awareness about HIV and vital funds to continue our work,” said Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT. “We are delighted by the results of the auction and will be continuing our efforts to keep HIV in the public eye in the lead-up to World AIDS Day on 1st December.”

All proceeds from the auction, which was organised by the Charities Aid Foundation, will be used to fund the work the National AIDS Trust undertakes to prevent the spread of HIV, improve access to treatment and combat the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Other celebrities who designed boots to help raise funds included Mick Jagger an Oasis. The initiative raised a grand total of £5859.66 for the charity.