Gay N ‘Sync star denies marriage story

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It seems Lance Bass was just looking for a little free publicity when he told E! News earlier this week that he had married a gal-pal in “like ’99, 2000” so the pair could get “free drinks all night” while in Las Vegas.

Late yesterday, Bass’ publicist, Ken Sunshine, revealed that the singer’s words were misconstrued.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Sunshine told E! Online, explaining that the story he told about his trip to Sin City was a hypothetical.

“He was in Vegas one time, you’re humorously joking around, he had heard people say that if you’re newly married, you get free drinks. They said that they were married to get free drinks.”

Sunshine’s comments came after a clerk at the Clark County marriage licence bureau said no licence under Bass’ name could be found in a search of records from 1974 to 2007.

During the original E! interview, the 28-year-old performer, out promoting his new memoir, Out of Sync, attributed his brief brush with matrimony to “one of those crazy moments where you’re with a friend and you’re like ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we did this?’

“It’s the Vegas thing to do,” he said.

Bass’ rep told E! Online those remarks were “all in good fun” and “would never do anything to mislead his fans.”

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