Homophobic politician in gun drama

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For the second time in two months, anti gay Oklahoma representative Sally Kern was stopped from entering the state capitol with a firearm, saying she simply forgot to remove the gun from her purse while getting out of the car.

Kern, who made headlines earlier this year when a tape recorded conversation was posted to You Tube in which she made comments she equating homosexuality to terrorism, was stopped by security and prevented from entering the building.

“Representative Sally Kern never made it past checkpoint,” an Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokesman said, according to TowleRoad.com.

The spokesman said Kern was asked to leave the gun in her car, which she did, according to the spokesman.

“As soon as my purse went through the scanner and the uh, gentleman there said, ‘Representive Kern,’ I went, ‘Aw, I forgot,” Kern told the Oklahoma ABC affiliate.

In June, Kern breached security when she made it into the building with her firearm.

According to reports, when Kern realised she’d made it into the building with her weapon, she returned to the security desk and alerted the on site troopers.

Kern received death threats from the comments she made regarding homosexuality, according to reports, but authorities have said her permit to carry the firearm date back to before the incident.

“It has nothing to do with the homosexual situation and I’m just sorry that I forgot to take it out,” she said.

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