Hollyoaks: How will John Paul tell his mum he’s engaged?

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Kieron is super keen for John Paul to tell his mum about their impending nuptials. John Paul is a lot more reticent to let Myra know. What on earth will se say?

Warren is still in trouble with Louise after his comments about Mandy. While she and Mandy are busy studying figures for the bank, Warren does his best to squirm back into Louise’s good books by bringing them breakfast. If only it was that easy to get around Louise! She promptly thwarts his efforts by convincing Mandy to ditch the breakfast coffee in favour of cocktails.

Later, Mandy tries to persuade Warren that things would be a whole lot easier if he would just apologise to Louise. Of course, stubborn as he is, he’s not going to do that in a hurry.
Meanwhile Cindy is winding up a hungover and irritable Louise by telling her that Warren stayed over last night.

Niall’s doing his best to get closer to Steph. He’s got unusual tactics though and sees making friends with Tom as a way to get her onside. Steph just seems to grow more uneasy about the fact that Tom is becoming increasingly reliant on Niall.
Later in the week, Niall’s continued attempts to woo Steph with a lunch date go dramatically wrong. Cindy sticks her nose in and accuses Steph of sleeping with the enemy. But Steph’s not one to take such comments lying down and before we know it a vicious catfight breaks out.

Elliot’s having relationship trouble too, but of a slightly different kind. He gets a text from Sarah inviting him over as she has the house to herself. Suddenly he becomes incredibly nervous. Is Elliot ready to take their relationship to the next level?
Zoe’s finding life with an older man tougher than she expected. She’s excited about going to the festival with Mike. But a tearful Amy turns up and begs her dad to take her to the dentist. Does that mean the festival plans are scuppered?

Darren feels like his worries are almost over this week. He’s certainly had an exciting time of it lately. He can almost taste victory as he prepares to sign the insurance papers. The only obstacle in his way to the cash now is Frankie, who just won’t play ball. Will Darren ever get his hands on this money?

On top of the fact they’re committing insurance fraud on a grand scale, Frankie and Darren also have to deal with Newt’s impending homecoming this week too. Darren’s worried that with the young lad around it’s going to be even more difficult to conceal the fact that Jack isn’t actually dead. He tries to convince Frankie that they’d be better off without Newt. But will she listen?
Hollyoaks: How will John Paul tell his mum he’s engaged?