Complaints over ‘offensive’ Belfast Pride placards

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A hardline unionist MLA has complained about placards at last weekend’s Belfast Pride.

Jim Allister, who represents Antrim North, says that Belfast Pride organisers should apologise for “offensive” signs at the event.

The politician, who leads Traditional Unionist Voice, told the Belfast Telegraph he has written to the police and Parades Commission about the placards.

Those he deemed offensive included messages such as ‘Jesus protect me from your followers’, and ‘Jesus had two dads (and he turned out just fine)’.

Mr Allister said: “I found the posters and gestures offensive.

“It was a perverse attempt to make an argument for gay adoption.

“After a blasphemous placard was carried in the parade previously, organisers gave assurances it would not happen again.

Meanwhile, religious group The Caleb Foundation claimed the march was “provocative, lewd and offensive”.

Belfast Pride spokesman Chris Love said: “A small number of individuals that may have infiltrated the parade were removed from proceedings.”

When asked whether these individuals were marchers or Christian protesters and whether Belfast Pride would comment on the placards, he said: “Unfortunately due to the large numbers involved with the Pride Parade on Saturday the Pride Committee cannot comment on individual cases.”

In 2007, the march sparked controversy and calls for it to be banned when one marcher carried a placard saying ‘Jesus is a fag’.