Fred Karger’s video pulled (briefly) from YouTube

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Fred Karger, who hopes to be the party’s first openly gay, Jewish, Republican nominee for the US presidential elections this year, has had his recent campaign video pulled by YouTube, before being reinstated with a warning of ‘explicit content.’

The so-called ‘Sexy Frisbee’ ad was released for Mr Karger’s campaign in California, where the Republican Primary will be held on the 5th of June.

YouTube removed the video yesterday, deeming it ‘inappropriate,’ only to reinstate it 11 hours later, with an advisory warning of ‘explicit content.’ Why this happened remains unclear, though it has prompted some to wonder whether the content deemed ‘inappropriate’ or ‘explicit’ was the real-life gay couple kissing at the end of the video, the couple being friends of Mr Karger.

Mr Karger has been an outsider for the presidential nomination, managing 0.1 percent of the Republican vote in Maryland in the race to determine who will challenge Democratic president Barack Obama later this year.

With Rick Santorum’s exit, however, former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney has become the favourite to win the GOP vote. Mr Karger has remained undeterred however, with a new campaign video designed to appeal to Californians and swimwear fans.

Spliced between shots of women in bikinis and shirtless men playing Frisbee, Mr Karger says: “I’m Fred Karger. I’m the only Californian running for president and one of four Republicans in our June 5 primary. Fred who?

“I’m a moderate Republican, I have the best jobs plan, I’m pro-choice, support gay marriage and I want us out of Afghanistan now… If you’re not excited about Mitt Romney or the direction of the Republican party, then I ask you to vote for me.”

Mr Karger wrote on Twitter today: “YouTube reinstated our commercial. No explanation was given, but we are asking for an investigation into why YouTube deemed it ‘inappropriate’ yesterday,” adding, “[the video has] taken off with over 26,700 views in 24 hours – minus the 11 hours it was pulled down.”

He is also on track to go around California to distribute ‘Fred Frisbees’ that is featured on the video.