Six of the most hideous reactions to Tom Daley’s coming out video

As countless social media users around the globe celebrated and congratulated Tom Daley for coming out yesterday (some fans commiserated that he is in a relationship), sadly some took to Twitter to vent their homophobic views.

Yesterday famed Olympic diver Tom Daley revealed he is in a relationship with a man in a heartfelt YouTube video. In the video he said he had been in a relationship with a man since spring, that he still fancied women, but that he “couldn’t be happier”.

Unfortunately, despite an outpouring of support for Daley, including the world of sport congratulating him for having the courage to speak openly for the first time about being in a same-sex relationship, a minority of users took to Twitter to express homophobic and really saddening views.

Many used homophobic words like “fag” and “queer” to describe Daley, with some very nasty tweets flying around:


The insults were not limited to just comments about Daley’s sexuality, however, as just generally offending minority groups seemed the game of some Twitter users.

Since publication, the above tweet was deleted by the user.

Others accused Daley of not being sincere in the 4 minute video, in which Tom explains his decision making progress, and exactly where he is at now.

Several users took to petty name-calling:

And even made some resort to anti-patriotism, because a man in a relationship with a man competed won a bronze medal last year on behalf of Team GB.

And last but not least, The Westboro Baptist Church even weighed in, blaming the tragic Glasgow helicopter crash on Daley’s coming out.

Admittedly, this is a short list, but these were the worst, and we couldn’t face trawling through any more.

Tom doesn’t seem to be letting it get to him anyway, as shortly before publication, he tweeted:


Stand by for the other side of this coin, which is the high-profile support received by Daley after his coming out. Watch this space.