Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race makes transphobic slur towards trans model

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The crowned winner of the latest series of RuPaul’s Drag Race has made transphobic remarks against model Carmen Carrera.

Drag Queen Bianca Del Rio is under fire after making transphobic comments at one of her gigs in Florida last weekend.

Del Rio – also known as Roy Haylock, criticised Carmen Carrera, a transgender model and previous competitor on the show.

The comments were made following controversy over RuPaul’s defence of using the words “tranny” and “she-male”.

Carrera, who appeared in series three, believes RuPaul should stop using the slurs.

Maybe she should take what’s left of her dick and stick it in her mouth and shut the fuck up,” Del Rio said in response.

RuPaul recently defended the use of the  language in the show saying: “Don’t you dare tell me what I can do or say. It’s just words. You know what? Bitch, you need to get stronger.”

Carrera has become internationally successful in modelling and is known for her activism in the transgender community after appearing on the show.

She said: “Although I am certain Rupaul’s Drag Race didn’t mean to be offensive, let this be a learning experience. I think the show has opened up and educated the minds of many people who were ignorant to the world of drag and has made equality and respect a possibility for those involved.”

Del Rio has now apologised for her comments about Carrera on Twitter.