Lawyer admits picture of ‘Kim Davis rally’ in Peru is fake

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The anti-LGBT lawyer representing Kim Davis had admitted a picture he shared of a ‘Kim Davis solidarity’ rally in Peru was completely fake.

Davis, the clerk for Rowan County Kentucky, was briefly jailed for contempt of court after ignoring direct orders from courts to stop blocking gay weddings.

The clerk has been married four times, but claims God doesn’t want gays to marry – while her lawyer Mat Staver has been condemned by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League for comparing Davis to Jews in the gas chamber.

At a Republican summit last week, Mr Staver shared a photo which he claimed showed a 100,000-person ‘solidarity’ prayer event for Davis in Peru.

However, it later emerged that the picture was fake, after ThinkProgress found it was over a year old, and in fact portrays a completely unrelated prayer event titled ‘Jesús Te Ama Y Te Cambia’ (‘Jesus Loves You And Changes You’).
Lawyer admits picture of ‘Kim Davis rally’ in Peru is fake
After the fake was exposed, he insisted to Barbwire: “We have no reason to puff the Kim Davis story. Her name has become known around the world. The people in Peru were very much aware of Kim Davis because her story was broadcast on a variety of media.

“However, the photograph was an honest mistake. Make no mistake, however, that there is widespread support for Kim Davis.

“Last week she was recognized by many people as she walked through the Philadelphia, New York LaGuardia, and Washington DC Reagan airports.
Lawyer admits picture of ‘Kim Davis rally’ in Peru is fake
“People gave her a thumbs up sign or verbally expressed support for Kim Davis. While she has obvious detractors, Kim Davis also has wide support.”

He might want to check again – polling has found most Americans think Davis should just do her job.