Meet the gay guy who wants to set up a ‘Gays for Trump’ campaign

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A gay vlogger has filmed a video in which he ‘comes out’ as a Donald Trump supporter, and plans to launch a ‘Gays for Trump’ campaign.

Animal behaviourist Kyle Kittleson released the clip, explaining: “After much debate I’ve decided I need to come clean about something.

“It’s something that I’ve been hiding for a really long time, and even though I’m not ashamed of it, I’m worried about what will happen once my friends and family find out about this.

“I’m tired of living a lie, so here it is: I’m gay… and I support Trump.”

Explaining his backing for the billionaire reality TV star-turned politician, Mr Kittleson explained that he agreed with Trump’s views on infrastructure and immigration – but also believes he will improve LGBT rights.

He explains that Mr Trump has previously backed civil unions and LGBT anti-discrimination laws – though the candidate was a strong opponent of same-sex marriage.

Kittleson claims: “Long before Hillary Clinton supported equal marriage and gay rights, Donald Trump supported equal rights for everybody.

“Granted he didn’t want it to be called marriage, but he did advocate for unions with legal equal rights.”

He adds: “The truth is… I’m not the only gay person in America who supports Trump. I tried to go buy and it was already taken.

“I have a lot of gay friends who totally support Trump but won’t support him publicly. Why? Because they’re literally afraid they will lose their clients, their friends and their Gay Card… which is ridiculous!”

The vlogger continues: “A lot of you are probably thinking, how can you support a guy who insults women and hates Mexicans? Well, I don’t really think he hates anybody, or at least not because of their race.
Meet the gay guy who wants to set up a ‘Gays for Trump’ campaign
“The whole insulting women thing? That’s just a political play. You have to think of Donald Trump as your slightly crazy uncle who’s a little behind the times, but still knows what’s best.”

Mr Kittleson might find himself with strange bedfellows at Trump rallies, however.

Trump recently met with and received an endorsement from New York pastor James David Manning – an ardently homophobic preacher who insists Starbucks put semen in their lattes.

Mr Trump also recently attended an event honouring Kentucky clerk Kim Davis – held by a listed anti-LGBT group.