Donald Trump celebrates victory in New Hampshire

The billionaire has shaken up the presidential race yet again with a significant victory in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump is likely to get more than twice the number of votes of the next Republican candidate following the latest primary in New Hampshire.

Ohio Governor John Kasich came second in the vote, with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio all vying for third place.

The results put a smile back on Trump’s face, after he faced a bitter defeat to the homophobic Senator Cruz in Iowa last week.

In his victory speech, the mogul congratulated Democratic winner Bernie Sanders – who beat rival Hillary Clinton – before accusing the liberal of wanting “to give away our country, folks!”

Although he failed to touch upon LGBT rights in his victory speech, LGBT rights advocates were quick to criticise his win.

“Donald Trump has pandered his way to the top of the field by opposing the most basic protections for LGBT people and supporting Kim Davis-style discrimination against LGBT people,” said a statement issued by Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin.

“What’s more, despite being married three times himself, this is a candidate who says he looks forward to appointing justices who would overturn marriage equality for loving same-sex couples.

“Donald Trump’s calculated efforts to use division, fear and bigotry to score political points is as dangerous as it is vile,” he added.

“Hillary Clinton is the candidate we can count on to defeat Trump — or whichever one of these backwards anti-LGBT candidates emerges as the Republican nominee.”

Cruz, meanwhile, refused to acknowledge defeat.

“Because of tonight,” he told supporters, “the voters will have a clear choice.

“We are here because of you. Because of your passion for our nation.”

Rubio, however, accepted the disappointing result – blaming it on his poor performance during Saturday night’s debate.

“Our disappointment tonight is not on you — it’s on me,” he told supporters.

The next Republican primary will be held in South Carolina February 20. Then comes the Nevada caucus on February 23.