Haters helped this gay Polish couple gain permission to marry in Portugal

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A Polish couple who received death threats on their coming out video are getting a sweet taste of revenge, as their haters have made their dreams of marriage a reality.

Polish TV presenter and journalist Jakub Kwieciński and his partner David have been granted special permission to get married in Madeira, Portugal.

Haters helped this gay Polish couple gain permission to marry in Portugal

The couple had tried to get permission to marry on the island but were initially rejected.

The couple lacked the appropriate documents which caused the rejection, but it was because Polish authorities had made it difficult to obtain the necessary documents.

After facing the the unprecedented homophobia, the local registry office re-considered their documents because they were shocked at the couple’s treatment.

“If we can’t get married in our country, we wanted to choose a place that is close to our hearts,” explained David. “There are countries where it is easier to get marriage permission, but we chose Madeira because we fell in love with this Island few years ago, and since then we visit it every year”.

Jakub has said the whole experience is “like winning a war”.

The couple were sent death threats after their coming out video went viral.

The couple were told to “cut their throats”, whilst other said that they wanted to “send them to the gas chamber”.

The couple also received private messages on their Facebook accounts with people telling them “your neighbours will come after you” and “you two should be burnt at the stake like witches. Go to hell”.

The couple fought back against the threats with another beautiful video.

The lip sync video has been created with the couples friends and family who supported them both through the ordeal.

Mostly other LGBT couples appear in the video but David’s mother, who discovered the original negative comments, also makes a cameo.

You can watch Jakub and David here: