‘Once Upon A Time’ teases fans with Tilly LGBT love story

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Once Upon A Time is teasing fans with an “epic” backstory in anticipation of a love story for gay character Tilly.

The ABC an American fantasy drama television series, follows characters from several fairytales who are transported to “real life” in the United States, will see Tilly, aka Alice in Wonderland, be part of an LGBT love story.

And it is Tilly, who is openly gay in the series, was revealed to have once had a girlfriend who toiled for Victoria Belfrey in the show in the latest episode.

“We’re going to get a little more into that in the winter finale (Episode 10),” the show’s co-creator Eddy Kitsis told TVLine.

“And we’re going to get into much more detail about Tilly in the second half of the season — including her flashbacks, a big arc for her and an epic love story we’re excited about.”

“It’s hard to explain without telling you too much…,” co-creator Adam Horowitz began.

“…but I’ll say this: the romance becomes really entwined in the larger story we’re telling for the season.”

‘Once Upon A Time’ teases fans with Tilly LGBT love story

“It’s important on both a character level, for someone who’s in love and dealing with love,” he adds, “and on a larger plot level for the show.”

This storyline comes 18 months after Ruby realised her feelings for Dorothy in 2016.

The plotline saw Snow and Ruby use the magic slippers to get to Oz, where Ruby awakens Dorothy with True Love’s Kiss after the pair professed their true feelings for one another seventeen episodes into the show.

“One of the show’s franchises is love,” said fellow co-creater Edward Kitsis to EW.

“This iteration is reflecting the world today. It will not be anything more than just one of other love stories that are happening. I don’t think it’s an arc, it’ll be a character who is gay and that’s who they are and they exist in the world. They don’t have a sign that says ‘special episode.’”

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