Ariana Grande’s ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ is a gay anthem, say fans

Ariana Grande has released a new song, and according to many of her supporters, it’s clearly a gay anthem.

“No Tears Left to Cry” is the first track Grande has come out with since her concert in Manchester was targeted by a terrorist bombing last year.

A total of 22 people died – including gay fan Martyn Hett, 29 – and 59 more were injured in the attack.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - JUNE 04: NO SALES, free for editorial use. In this handout provided by 'One Love Manchester' benefit concert (L) Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande perform on stage on June 4, 2017 in Manchester, England. Donate at (Photo by Getty Images/Dave Hogan for One Love Manchester)

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The singer returned to the city – along with Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, One Direction’s Niall Horan and others – for One Love Manchester, a charity concert to raise funds for the victims.

Ariana paid tribute to her fans and Manchester in her new song, in which she sings: “Don’t matter how, what, where, who tries it / We’re out here vibin’.”

In the video for the song, the 24-year-old singer can be seen releasing a bee, recognised as a symbol of Manchester.

(Ariana Grande/YouTube)

And, it seems, Arianators have also decided that the song – which contains lyrics like “Comin’ out, even when it’s rainin’ down” – is a gay anthem.

Before it dropped, the track’s art – which sees Ariana’s face illuminated with a rainbow – led fans to wonder if their hero was making an LGBT statement.

As one Arianator put it, “look, i KNOW we queers don’t OWN the rainbow, but my girl ariana grande is giving some sIgNaLs here.”


And when the track – the first from Ariana’s as-yet-not-announced fourth album, which fans have labelled “ag4” – came out on Friday, Arianators were all over it.

Many proclaimed it as the latest gay anthem to grace 2018, after pro-LGBT hits from the likes of Hayley Kiyoko and Harry Styles.

One fan wrote: “The colouring of the No Tears Left To Cry photos is very interesting.


“The rainbow lighting on Ariana’s eyes symbolises how the LGBTQ community helps shape her worldview while the subdued tones indicate how she holds space for her queer fans: steely, unflinching.

“In this essay I wi…” they continued, making fun of their own enthusiasm with a common meme.

Another said: “Ariana releasing No Tears Left To Cry, a gay anthem, with a legendary video, a discount in the US and now at #1 on TTH.


“The devil works hard, but Ariana works harder! I’m just so happy .”

This fan, like many others, was not ready to listen to anyone who didn’t agree with their assessment of their idol.

“Ariana Grande is always feeding the gays like the true gay icon she is, she came through with a contemporary gay anthem and what we’re gonna do now is SUPPORT her! #NoTearsLeftToCry,” they wrote.

Another said: “Ariana sent a message of love and happiness she even started the song slow and sad just so we can see that she [hasn’t] forgotten about what happened in Manchester but now its time to move on PLUS THE SONG IS A GAY ANTHEM I’M LIVING FOR THAT.”


One person wrote: “I thought I was gonna cry but this is giving me Madonna & Janet Jackson voguing realness! A visual celebration and a BOP!


“I love you and I’m so Proud! Another GAY ANTHEM! YES QUEEN! @ArianaGrande ♥️.”

One fan said: “thank u ariana grande for yet another gay anthem. it’s truly 20gayteen. a f**kin bop.”


They’re not wrong.

Another wrote: “Yoooo! Like #NoTearsLeftNoCry is THE Gay Anthem of 2018 no doubt! @ArianaGrande .”


And yet another passionate Arianator said: “Ok #NoTearsLeftToCry is a new gay anthem.


“@ArianaGrande did this for the women and gays just sayingggg. She really changing the game.”

Watch the video for No Tears Left To Cry here: