Miss Vanjie was the real star of RuPaul’s DragCon – watch crowd chant her name

Miss Vaaanjie. Miss Vaaaaaaaaaanjie.

RuPaul invited Miss Vanjie onstage during his keynote speech at his annual DragCon convention on Sunday.

Drag queens and their fans kiki-ed at the Los Angeles Convention Centre last weekend for RuPaul’s annual celebration. The event stretched from Friday to Sunday and featured a myriad of past Drag Race contestants – except for disgraced Tyra Sanchez.

RuPaul himself gave a keynote speech on Sunday, but, before he even began, he invited Season 10’s meme sensation Miss Vanjie onstage.

Miss Vanjie, the first eliminated queen from the newest season of Drag Race, gained fame with her now-iconic exit, repeating her name over and over and over again, while walking backwards towards the backstage area.


The chant was so infectious, Twitter had a field day with memes about the drag queen, whose complete stage name is Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Even people who didn’t necessarily know of Drag Race or what a Vanjie was became obsessed.

RuPaul, who lived for the “Miss Vaaaaaaajie” memes and even sported a Miss Vanjie necklace at the TIME 100 gala earlier in May, started his speech by getting the crowd to chant the queen’s name several times, before inviting her onstage.

Watch the moment below:

The host then asked her where she was when she realised she had become “a sensation around the world.”

Mateo revealed she was in Orlando and that her phone was “going crazy.”

“Bitch, I was gagged,” she told RuPaul.

DragCon is the perfect occasion for Drag Race fans to meet their idols and buy their merchandise.

However, if you didn’t make it to Los Angeles this year, or are looking for even more RuPaul related accessories, UK fans, Primark has started selling RuPaul T-shirt in selected stores in the UK and Netherlands.

The gag? You’ll only find these get ups in the womenswear section.

Twitter user MelTing complained they had gone to the Liverpool branch to get the tee and was “annoyed” that Primark didn’t have the shirt in their men’s section as well.


“I just thought it was strange to promote something that is at its heart LGBT and has a huge LGBT fanbase, but not to provide both genders of clothing,” they told PinkNews.

Primark confirmed the tee only existed for women, but said it would take its customers’ feedback into consideration.

“The product is currently placed in our womenswear section but we welcome customer feedback and are exploring the possibility of stocking a similar product in menswear,” Primark told PinkNews in a statement.