Anti-trans journalist alerts FBI after being banned from Grindr

A US journalist alerted the FBI on Twitter after his Grindr profile was shut down because he had used “banned words.”

Chadwick Moore, who describes himself as a “libertarian-minded constitutional conservative, journalist, and rogue homosexual,” posted a series of transphobic tweets.

“@Grindr just shut down my profile for the second time this year because under the ‘Gender’ question (weird af) I wrote ‘There are only 2,’” he wrote.

He went on to post: “If trans women are real women why are they lurking on a gay men’s dating app. And doesn’t the whole trans narrative only deeply further the gender binary? So weird.”

Moore added he wanted to see Grindr’s “internal company guidelines on postmodernism, gender theory and banned words.”

He also questioned whether the app was “engaged in thought-policing” at the “behest” of “far-left activists.”

Moore then tagged the FBI in a tweet: “I mean, god-forbid someone challenge post-modernist fake-science on a dating app, the same dating app that is a notorious conduit of prostitution, illegal drug use, illegal drug sales, and the spread of disease. I dunno does the @fbi need to look into what happens on @grindr?”

Moore, a former writer for Out magazine who has become an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, falsely claimed he had been ejected from a New York gay bar earlier this year for his conservative views.

Grindr (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Moore said his Grindr profile had been shut down for a second time

In a Facebook post, he vowed to “dedicate my life to destroying” Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn, claiming he was “asked to leave… because my political ideology would cause a stir.”

He also posted the bar’s phone number to encourage people to complain.

In a public response, the bar said Moore had actually been removed from the bar because his friend started a fight.

The bar wrote in a Facebook post: “You have come in here quite frequently without incident.

“We understand that your political views do not match ours, but that doesn’t mean you are not welcome here.

“FACTS: You were asked to leave because your ‘brother-in-law who’s a straight guy from Alabama and a truck driver’ (your words) started a fight at our sister bar right before you came here. Play that victim card though.”